How can I add my signature?

How do I put my website in my signature, I tried something here in my profile, to see if it works.

I can’t put a signature and I’ve been a member since 2008! Why’s that?!!

I hope you won’t continue inventing things like that :nono:

Once you have been a member of the forums for 90 days you are allowed to add a signature to your posts. New users may not use signatures.

Do not attempt to circumvent the 90 day rule by inserting a fake signature in your posts.

Read more about signatures here.

you are not permitted a signature until you have atleast 10 unique posts. Your signature will appear below your text once you have been identified to be a good contributor to the forums section.

Good Luck!

I don’t think its so much that you can’t - unless maybe you’re trying to put blacklisted words in it - then it is you haven’t figured out how.

Have you experimented with your “My SitePoint” UCP settings yet?

Thanks I found it!! Now I have a signature :slight_smile:

I can’t find “Edit Signature” in the left column. Have I post many replies before I get the permisson?? If so, how many?

please read this thread – the answers to your questions are in here


It is in Malay Language - either from Malaysia or Indonesia

Nice! I think I missed some replies in my window.

Any new member must wait 90 days before they can add a signature.
Post count is irrelevant.

i also need more post for this purpose i thik

nope, you don’t

just wait until november


whenever any person joins any forum, the first question he faces is how to add signature, well same here- thanks for answering…

the same question for me, thank you ~

how much posts need for show signature?

Ahh that’s why I’m looking at it I can’t find. I was supposed to link my blog site name

Look at post #40 in this thread - it’s already answered…it’s number of days, not posts.

This info is really hopeful I appreciated

You cannot set a signature until 90 days after you register

you just need 25 posts

wich is true ? can anyone say