What do you think is better google or bing

What do you think is better google or bing…?

If you want a real discussion on the subject please expand on your question and give your reasons for the question and what you think is best and why? Have you had problems with either of them or do you find one better than the other?

A one line vague question is not enough to start a good discussion on the subject :).

In my opinion bing is better because I can’t spell goggle.

I think we need some new and fresh option, at least for search and for email.

Don’t forget DuckDuckGo. Even little kids can spell that. :slight_smile:

Why not Google… Easy, User friendly… Great competent in all.

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as i have used google as my primary search engine, so my vote is in favor of that. Easy navigation, fast search .

I use http://www.everyclick.com/ as my primary search engine, because it’s an easy way for me to help a small charity we support.

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Ok. You got it

Google is more better bcoz a big reason …data.
suppose you start internet surrffing rt …but without google this is not possible. But one time without Bing possible more chance

why are you asking this question? explain your purpose of this question so that forum user reply you proper.

However, Google is better than bing search engine.

Why and in what way is it better?

I’ve used both bing, google, duckduckgo, altavista (when it was around), etc. Personally, I don’t have a favorite. So long as I get to the data I’m looking for, I don’t really care which search engine got me there.

Every time I see a question about bing vs google vs whatever, I always state the same thing, use the one that gets you to your data quicker. If that is bing, great! use it. If that is google, awesome! use it.

Just do a same query search in both Google and Bing, you will find the better one. For me, Google gives the best results.

I opinion is Google.Sorry if love bing.It’s a great website but I still thing Google.