Google Vs Yahoo

I give 9 out of 10 to Google because today good is like a God. But Yahoo also having excellent features like News so that i will give 8 out of 10 to Yahoo.

Funny, your timing. Google, Inc. is having some trouble right now. And not just the present Gmail service trouble of the last 48 hours.

And that was kind of why I thinking about your thread. I was wondering what part of Google vs. what part of Yahoo you were referring to? There’s a lot more to the two companies than just a mail service.

Anyway, Google, Inc. didn’t exactly have a great year last year, earnings not counting. I think Mr. Page put them on a bad course last year when he decided everything Google was going to be used to unseat FaceBook from the top of that mountain. Many of the changes to their products to meet Mr. Page’s demand that everything look the same has just made many of the products look ugly as … The customer backlash was and continues to be mighty fierce. The responses from the Google employees was and continues to be pathetic.

I say Google, Inc. is in trouble, although the shareholders haven’t yet felt that bear chasing them, yet.

I don’t understand why people call a corporation a GOD ---- it definitely won’t give you life when you’re dead etc Yes Google is best of the best search engines around us which is continuously improving, bring new things and setting tough benchmarks for its competitors.

Totally agree with your comment " I don’t understand why people call a corporation a GOD " very well sad its just a search engine…

Actually, I disagree with that. In my personal experience, Google search results are becoming less relevant. Lately I’ve been getting much better results from Bing and others.

I’m not saying that will be true for everyone. But it certainly is for the searches that I do most often.


Google is the king. that’s why it is called the Big G

Google and Yahoo both are good search engine.
Google is more effective than Yahoo, it bring more relevant results.
So I usually use Google for searching.

Maybe Google is King, this Is because, we webmasters greatly rely on Google especially SERP, we do SEO but always thinking of Google’s terms. Of course we also earn from AdSense.

This rings true for me as well. Lately I find, yahoo, and bing providing better results that are more targeted to my keywords and special searcher criteria.

Again this may not be for everyone but it can’t hurt to try and see for yourself.


My two penneth

Google search results are now pants!

Most especially the “Find Geo Service” search results

Those lettered A to G are reaping the rewards those without letter A to G might as well fold now as they can’t make nowhere the money those with A to G will make

Keith D Mains

I only use Google. Search results, maps and local business searches are far better.

Actually, i know little about Yahoo, since i alway use Google, you know one good search engine is enough, you needn’t to bother yourself with the second one.
I am currently optimize my website on Google, which turns out excellent, since it accounts for 70% around search engine market share with powerful features, i would not consider using Yahoo.

My point of view, google is the best

Its quiet Obvious that google is way ahead of yahoo in all aspect few of them are search engine wise, stability wise etc

Both are with good functionality at their end. From the view point of searcher Google is on 1st choice and from the point of view of different facility like news, sport news etc. I give 2nd choice to yahoo.

[FONT=Verdana]Apart from shouting it louder and louder, you haven’t anywhere in any of your anti-Google rants given any indication of why this is in any way different to what Google used to do, what other search engines do, or what search engines should do.

Yes, sites that don’t make it into the top few are not going to make as much money. Big wow. That was true back in 1997 but it wasn’t news then and it isn’t news now. However search engines display their results, there will be winners and losers, and apart from completely randomising the order of results (which would have a devastating impact on the quality of results for users), businesses who don’t make it into the top few are going to suffer. So what? What do you want Google to do about it? And why do you think other search engines are so much better?[/FONT]

Never before Never again, Google is the best search engine in the world… Millions of users using Google everyday more than Yahoo …

In my point of view Google is the number one search engine than yahoo. We can Find all the search result in our search basis, But We can’t found yahoo result in that case.

I think google search engine because it see only do follow links while yahoo search engine see both do follow as well as no-follow.

I use Google and it is perfect for me I like it because it is faster and user friendly than other search engines.