What is better?

Google Bing Or Yahoo search?
I say Bing…

It depends on what I am doing with it. Generally I still use Google, but if I am check on backlinks to sites definately Yahoo.

the answer is obviously yahoo

isn’t yahoo going to be (or already is) powered by bing? So, it’s the same thing.

Neither. Gooooogle :stuck_out_tongue:

Brief info on the bing/yahoo deal: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bing_%28search_engine)#Yahoo.21_search_deal

google , google have more database then other search engines

I always use Google for searches but yahoo site explorer for other things. I think this is mainly through habit though. In my stats im seeing a lot of traffic coming from bing so maybe I will give it a try. Its getting massive media coverage here in the uk.


google is no.1

I always use google. It has become habit

Google is the best search engine :slight_smile:

Google definately. There is nothing that can beat it.

Google should be used mainly for your SEO efforts. They have around 60-70 percent share of user search engines. Which means if you want to reach the largest range of users, google is #1. I think the rest of the results belong to Yahoo and Bing.

and yet another thread is hijacked by the seo crowd

the way i understood the original question, it was ~not~ another seo thread

but I use baidu some times.

Gooooooooooogle is great.

Bing is better:-)

I think BING is better…



  • in all jokes in: Google trumps everything for me. Google isn’t a sell-out like Yahoo.

google is better

I love kangaroos: