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Hi Friends,
I want to know why google is most popular than other search engines?

Because of it’s friendly interface,wide reach and flexibility.Google supports multiple languages unlike many other search engines…Yet,Google is not the popular search engine in the US…Bing is more widely used in USA than google.

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really? bing is more popular in the US? can you put a link to these stats?

In 1998 when Google came out, there was lots of bad results being generated on the SERP. Websites would do keyword stuffing, lots of irrelevant words at the bottom of the page and false meta tags to trick search engines into ranking them first, so search engines would have lots of irrelevant results. I remember. Google was the first search engine to overcome these three things and implement search results that didn’t have irrelevant results.

If you used MSN Search, Yahoo Search, Alltheweb, Altavista, Ask Jeeves, you would know. Google benefited from being the first useful search engine so they had a first mover advantage, even though they weren’t the first search engine.

That is not true… quote us a reputable statistics source for that fact…

This is not true that bing is more usecompare Google search engine in usa. Google search engine Usage Experience is as this type 98% have tried Google,83% have tried Yahoo,and 76% have tried Bing.

Please would you provide the source for those figures, so we can see how recent (and reliable) they are?

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I think any reliable statistics would need to include information about its users.

For example, I suspect that in Russia Yandex would have a higher percentage of use.

the largest search engine in Russia with about 60% market share in that country

And in China, Baidu

During Q4 of 2010, it is estimated that there were 4.02 billion search queries in China of which Baidu had a market share of 56.6%.

That said, if wikipedia can be trusted Google does look to be at the top
(eg. text says 67.49% image shows 69.24%)

yap, that’s what i thought.

Google is most popular than other search engines because its worldwide [Not including China] and more then 80% people use Google. It is very user friendly and giving us lot of facilities.

Because Google provide best Search Result than other search engines. It is Keyword Based Search engine and people are satisfied with Google. Thats way Google is Popular to all.

How do you define “best search results”?

Thanks, You can also try Google, Yahoo and Bing with your particular Keyword, Wish you will notice the search result difference.

You don’t say what you mean by “best results”. Best in what way? Personally I prefer DuckDuckGo.

I typically like Google because I find it to more often deliver what I wanted. And it has the time filter, which is invaluable. I like the idea of DuckDuckGo, but it just needs to develop more, in my opinion. But I think that’s all down to personal preferences.

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