What do you think is best idea for Improving the professional software development environment?

To be exact what do you think of

Agile environment and specifically being a Scrum Master toward the goal of Improving the professional software development environment?

And if you have suggestion for different methods/ideas for Improving the professional software development environment beside Agile and being a Scrum Master, what are they?


“Agile” as a method of work is a bit over rated but sadly widely adopted.
It relays too much on multi tasking and doesn’t let people focus on one issue and work it w/out interruptions.
What helps normally is strong leadership that knows hers/his people. When they need help and why and be flexible when it comes to problem solving.
So if you are the scrum master i’d guess you’d have to know your people and the issue they are facing really well so you can best direct their efforts.

Also from experience. A little encouragement & support goes a long long way especially w/stressed out people. Being a good leader also means knowing when you need to offer support/encouragement and letting people vent. you don’t want it to get out of hand of course.

I worked for a company in London that used Agile methodology but it was a disaster.

I think one of the key problems with using Agile is a confused state of everyone over the term “complexity points”. By definition, a complexity point is supposed to be free from any kind of time estimation but in practice that is not the case.

So, for example, if the team delivers 16 complexity points in one sprint and 10 in the next, the client would be like “the performance has gone down”.

Well then how the HEK something like this “Agile Development” gets to be used so often in describing Job qualifications by HR staff!
Is it because the HR Staff are MBA types and other non-Techies types who just pick up on these Buzz words without any real grasp of what real world (complex & massive) software development entails?

And what about “Scrum Master”? Is there anything to that?

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