Methodologies in Website and Web Application Development

Hello folks,

I am doing a research project in the use (or lack) of development methodologies on web industry. The survey is being conducted for my master’s thesis with the title, “The use of methodologies in the management and development of websites and web applications”.



Please discuss here.

Hi Niraj,

If you’re the one doing Masters then you should provide some real questions rather than just saying “discuss” :wink:

But, the Agile / Lean methodologies have kind of won as the best way to build way web applications today.

Hey mark,

It was not me who put that discuss there. The post was edited out and my survey link was deleted as apparently its some form of solicitation which is not allowed. But from what I have gathered so far it is like you said the agile methods that are much popular now but it still looks like waterfall techniques can be useful at certain projects. Don’t think I am allowed to even pm you the link but would love your input.

Waterfall is commonly joked about for it’s failure rate.
The reason Agile / Lean are better is that you are forced to consistently evaluate what you are building.
Things change as a project is underway and you have to be able to respond to feedback and adapt.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply. As I can’t post the link to the survey. I will post some of the questions here then. Would be great if you could reply no matter how briefly.

[INDENT]1. Companies mostly use in house ad-hoc development method for their projects.

  1. The number of staff involved and the length of most web development project makes it inappropriate to adopt traditional (waterfall) methods.

  2. Adoption of agile development methods is widespread.

  3. Is there a clear leader amongst the standard development methods (SCRUM used in web and web application development projects?

  4. Is there a direct relation between the type of method employed and average time taken to complete a project?

  5. Adoption of a specific method has significant impact on organizational culture.

  6. Company budget and number of available staff effects the type of development methods employed.

  7. There are clear factors that make the adoption of one development method suitable over the other in different companies.

  8. What are the major characterstics that differentiates Web development and web project management from software development and software project [/INDENT]management?

I know it’s a lot of question but it would be great if you would answer any of them.