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Now that I work fully in software development, I notice that I sometimes find it difficult to grow even more. In addition to what I already do at work.

Often when I open a book about PHP, I notice that the material is quite dry, so that after a day of programming I can no longer really commit to reading books (bring something home with your work). The same goes for playing digital games.

I do notice that when books are explained in story form, I can get through them fairly easily.

Does anyone have the same experience and tips?

If you’re anything like me, when I was in full-time employment programming, the last thing I wanted to do after a full day of it was read about it some more. And some employers consider that they’ve employed you to do a job, and they would like you to carry on doing it. I haven’t worked for other people for more than a decade, and I’d like to think that the concept of CPD (continuing personal development, i.e. developing new skills) is perhaps more of a “thing”.

In case anyone who used to employ me is reading this and has figured out who I am, I should add that wasn’t really a complaint - I didn’t spend much time just doing programming, my role expanded into all sorts of other stuff, no two days were the same, and involved learning a lot of new things just to get a job done. I have an idea that’s called “agile” nowadays, but back then it was just getting it done.

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I’m slowly looking at expanding my skills beyond PHP. Guess I’ll have to dig into a react :slight_smile:
In addition, I am increasingly shifting from developer to technical partner.

I agree.

I believe in self-improvement and being the best that you can be at one particular thing. But it is true that after programming the whole day, the last thing I want to do is to read a book about programming.
Or anything else.

I still tried to spend a couple of hours a week learning something new, whether was related to my job or not.

Lately it doesn’t happen that often. I guess I need holidays :smiley:

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