Help with agile software development dissertation - Quick survey

Hi everyone,

I am doing a Master in Business Management and Technology in City College, an International Faculty of the University of Sheffield.

The purpose of my dissertation thesis is to investigate the influence of agile methodologies upon the software development project’s success in correlation with the national cultural background of the team. Through this message, I am inviting you to be part of the research by completing an online questionnaire (15 minutes). Your responses will represent a valuable component in the finalization process of my thesis. I would kindly ask you to take the necessary time to read the following information and to later contact me if any clarification is needed. I would really appreciate a positive decision regarding the participation, but please remember that it is your personal right to either proceed to the questionnaire or not.

The link to the survey is

The attached Participant Information Sheet should shed more light on the survey topic and the process altogether.

Regardless, I express my full availability to answer any questions that may arise, so please ask here but @ me so I get a notification.

Also, there will be a Consent Form part, that you will be kindly asked to go through before starting the actual questions answering process.

As the participation will be anonymous, I will have no clue regarding which one of you (I will only know how many) actually completed the survey, so there will be no follow-up.

Thank you very much for your time and I would like to inform you that I would be more than glad to return the favor.

If, by any chance, you choose not to participate thank you for your time spent reading this post.