What do you say about of setting up a social bookmarking place on my website?

i want to know, if i setup a social bookmarking system on my website, will it loose my rankings because of huge outbond links ?

expecting your advices. :goof:

  1. You can give the link as nofollow,
  2. If you implement in the website you will get more traffic.

What if i start it as bookmarks.mydomain.org insted of mydomain.org/bookmarks ?

Yes you can use it no problem with it.

I would always recommend the second of those. It makes it easier for people to manipulate the URL themselves and to find their way around the website. It also obviates the problem of when people type in www.bookmarks.mydomain.org, which they inevitably will do (some people cannot comprehend that a URL doesn’t have to start with www.) and which is likely to fail if you’ve used a sub-domain.

Why do you want to do this would be the first question you should answer.

Which still negatively impacts the juice flowing off the page to your own site.

so you say that no use of adding nofollow tag. right ?

To attract more visitors to my website.

Reduces the odds of you being punished by Google, but it will still result in less link juice for your own site.