Social Bookmarking - Do you Spam?

There seems to be a growing trend, especially in the SEO community, with bookmarking your own websites on sites like DIGG, StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc. The thought is that by bookmarking your own website you’re gaining a backlink for your website and getting your new content indexed faster as Google crawls these websites on a regular basis.

Here’s the problem:

  1. Bookmarking your own website is against the terms of service on any of these major social bookmarking websites. Not only does it border on the definition of Spam but it also just clutters up the social bookmarking websites and dilutes any quality content that may be out there.

  2. Having a link from a social bookmarking website is relatively worthless in terms of a backlink. Not only is it most likely not relevant to your website content but it also is diluted with hundreds of other links on the same page.

  3. If your concern is getting your content indexed faster then this can be accomplished by simply submitting an updated sitemap to Google and pinging the spider.

I’m not flawless; I used to bookmark my own blog pages before I realized that it was essentially wasted time. Do you bookmark your own websites? If so, why?

social bookmarking sites are completely worthless for site promotion unless you’ve created something very unique and are very established in the community.

most of them also have nofollow or redirects in links, so there is no seo value. Its unfortunate that these sites have a tuff time being true resources of quality content in my opinion

Hyperbolik, the general rule is you can promote your own services as long as you use the social network for what it’s for a build up an audience of followers (and actively promote more than just your own website). Just like any website if you fill it up with spam no-one will take it seriously but if you add meaningful content along with that material you are unlikely to be punished for giving your stuff a plug while you use the service legitimately. :slight_smile:

PS: I have a SERIOUS issue with people using the term SMO (social media optimization), it has all the signs of SEO including the blatant spam and borderline illegal activity. Search engines have the finances to try and stop the spammers polluting the results (through research and new mechanisms), for a social network it will be the difference between success and failure and I would hate to see social networks end up like e-mail… a degraded mechanism filled with spam. :slight_smile:

Alex - I’m not talking about just submitting one blog post per week to DIGG. I’m referring to the people who have multiple accounts and keep digging their article to try and get traffic or a worthless link.

Completely agree on the SMO point. :smiley:


i think even the multiple accounts process has become outdated. The ones that are truely successful as getting their sites visible are part of multiple digg exchange networks.

I have also seen blackhat digg exchange software where users of the software have friends and auto digg eachothers submitted articles with no effort at all, completely auto-pilot.


I have found this one with lots of people who bookmark their website in order to get index faster in the Google search engine. I has to be avoided and it should be genuine work in SEO which will definitely yield positive results.

Social Boookmarking sites are also a good way to increase page rank and drive traffics to a site…

IF you over do the same links on social book marking , that will be considered as a spam. if you do it in limit, that will help you to get ample traffic.

well I think bookmarks are source of traffic :slight_smile:
because they are index more frequently than sitemaps

Social bookmarking itself is relatively useless when it comes to PageRank as most links are nofollow. Even if they were indexed by search engines there are so many links on each page that each link is diluted substantially.

On the other hand, social bookmarking does yield quality human traffic which is the entire point of the networks to begin with.

I only use reddit, and in certain categories, you are allowed to shamelessly promote.

Submitting 5, 8 posts in one day in any social bookmarking is of course spam.
But 1 is Ok.
Social Bookmarking is to share your knowledge and information with the world.

social bookmarking is not spam if you use it correctly. like why would you bookmark same link many times? avoid doing things spammers do. though sometimes it is hard to avoid.

There are some social bookmarking sites are dofollow :slight_smile:

Hi, my name is Randor, im 25 and im a spamaholic.

Well, In my case social bookmarking has help me to increase traffic and build many backlinks.

Nope I don not follow spamming on any of the social bookmarking website let it be delicious, digg, diggo or Twitter sooner or later you will get yourself banned if you will do spamming.

Spamming can get you banned. All your hard work will go to waste if you spam. So, do it right and follow the rules…

the Higher visibility, the better, right? If not in terms of SEO, sure in terms of lead generation

I’ve been participating in top 20 social bookmarking before, submitting my 1 article everyday… But they don’t banned me because I’m submitting unique article. Honestly, I’m not getting a good traffic with it. Except in propeller. I just found out that you need to join many groups in propeller and add some friends to in order to prop your story… But right now I’m not doing this process anymore… I’m more on liking twitter,facebook,youtube and stumbleupon!