Social Bokmarking for SERP

Over the last few months I have been trying to increase the SERP, and PR for my site <snip> and have been trying out Social Bookmarking sites.

I have seen no advantage in using Clipit, Digg, or those other sites in my links or serp. I was wondering what you have found?

I invite people to share what results they have had from different Social Bookmarking sites. I would be really grateful. That way I will feel more focused and know that what I am doing will make an effect.


Yes its true that social bookmarking gives visitors to your site but most of bookmarking sites put nofollow tag on third party links which can not help in SERP.

In my point of view Only getting more traffic from Social bookmarking like

It certainly takes time to build a reputation in these sites.

In my opinion social bookmarking websites are used to boost ranking in short run, if you want to get long term benefits than you need to use other techniques as well such as forum posting, blogs and articles. Links from these websites stay for long and help in getting good results over a period of time.

You can use Social Marker and select the DoFollow tab, and just submit your URLs to dofollow only aggregators. If your content is decent enough, someone will submit it to the larger ones anyway.

Do directory submission, forum participation, article publishing, link exchanging to the relevant sites.

Social bookmarking helps in getting traffic as well as improves your site rating.

Thanks for supporting my post. That was based on my own experience. :rofl:

I’ve been using Stumbleupon and Jumptags for social bookmarking and it really works for me. You just have to use the right keywords and/or tags.

exactly, you need to have a proper keyword in submitting… I’ve been doing social bookmarking and it really gives me a good result :wink:

Social bookmarking and all of the above are great tools, but worthless without the proper anchor text.

Yes, i agree with Savana. You can get the benefit of pr based on tags and your bookmarking on front page of site, it’s really good for getting traffic.

Social bookmarking sites can only help you increase your pages traffic and not your PageRank

I don’t think so. Google also credits those links from SB that add points in Page ranks.

Social bookmarking sites can only help you increase your pages traffic and not your PageRank. Sometimes you will find your social bookmarking sites listed on major search engines like Google/Yahoo when searched with the keyword phrases you had used in those social bookmarking sites and remember they are just temporary results.

There are some good methods you can find browsing here in this forum to rank to your target keywords and get good PageRank. All the best!

I haven’t seen much improvements on SERPs using social bookmarking websites. I’ll see about PR, can’t tell you much about that right now…

Yes, it is right like , for an example when you place tags that links to our website, will be responsible in getting PR and this also be done due to keyword in the title too.

I certainly have been under the impression that social site do help your PR. Having seen the one post I am now questioning that. But I guess the consensus here is that it does help.