What do you do when you're bored?

day dream that I won the lotto and start imagining what would I do will all that cash:-)…I think its a lot of pepole’s favorite thing to do when their bored:-)

I used to do that when I was broke. I remember one time I spent my last couple of bucks on a scratch ticket. I wasn’t making enough to pay my bills, take my girlfriend out, or even buy groceries. I thought maybe… just maybe… if I won…

Well, long story short, I didn’t win. She left me. I lost my apartment. I went six months without groceries…

Yep, life sucks sometimes.

I read or play video games. Sometimes I nap though. It’s like restarting with a fresh mind when I wake up :slight_smile:

watch movie and listen song.

I usually like to watch TV, hang out with friends, play games online or cook something new when I get bored.

Usualy think about new projects, hanging out with friends etc. :wink:

Party, hang out with friends, watch movie and whatnot. :slight_smile:

read book if i bored book so watch movie…

Watch movies. I think I’m over 1000 rated on Netflix now.

Quote posts about people reading and answering forum posts.

I perform random acts of kindness such clicking on the adverts of small struggling websites and forums to provide encouragement and show my support for what they do. On a more practical level I also repair unwanted computers found in dumpsters and give them away to those who need them via the Freecycle network.

I like to listen a song which is my favorite.

actually, this is a different question to answer and I think all of the above answers are correct for me. I do a lot of things to get rid of my boredom.

I close threads… :smiley:

Thank you all for your contributions, but I believe this thread has run its course.
Thread closed.