What do you do when you're bored?

For me:
Eating, Chatting, Spend time with friends, listening to music and Go for shopping. That’s it.

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I start working :slight_smile: Or watch movies when i am free

books, music, movies, friends, dancing, parties, whatever…:slight_smile:

Bored? What’s that? I think bored went out the window with the growth of the Internet. There’s just so much free quality content online you could read/watch/listen the rest of your life and not get trough it all! Also, reading books is quite fun and is good for your brain and imagination. :slight_smile:

When I get bore I do what I want to do , it may depend on the situation and environment.

Love to use internet. Always want to work on internet is my passion.

HI, when I got bored I do many things. Actually it depends upon the situation or place. I like sleeping, cooking, Appreciating Music, Chatting.

I usually watch my favorite films, eat, or go out and stroll around the city just to watch people and what they’re up to. Sometimes, I just sleep.

For me, watching movies is the best way to be entertained…

I too watch movie,surf & chat …

I used to do surfing, when i feel bored…

just hangout with friends :slight_smile:

When am bored I will Listen to musics , chat with friends.

For me, chatting with online user, singing songs, movies and play online games.

I normally do not get bored, but if I feel so, I listen to my favorite music, Go for a walk in the garden, read a book, or best way take a good nap to get away from my boredom

I don’t usually have time to get bored. But when I am bored I like to play video games. I am a huge video game addict. I’m currently playing through a lot of the PS2 games I missed when I was too busy working. :slight_smile:

It’s like they are all new to me now.

I watch movies and alternatively browsing through internet for historical incidents.

just open skype and tease friends