Good sites when you are bored?

I like some funny stuff, online games, and chating.

The other websites I log-in Facebook when i get time.

When I get bored,I like to enjoy on
online shopping sites.

yes YouTube is one of best one when we get bored for movies and fun vidoes

When I bored, Mostly I Show the funny video on You Tube. Search Photo which i one Like. Login my Facebook account & posting.

witch are sites, can you share pls…

No they can’t. If this thread turns into a link listing thread, it will be closed.

slashdot is a great site I check everyday. Gizmodo is also a great one.

facebook and twitter are a good choice.

If i feel bored two main site i always visits
(1) Facebook:i use FB for communicate with my friends.
(2) YouTube: seeing new videos,game plays,watching up coming movies trailers.

I always listen to music on Youtube and get acquainted with my friends on Facebook.
Facebook is my number 1 time “killer” but it is worth spending your time on it.

I’ll go “window shopping” on Amazon, fill up my wish list and wish I could afford to buy…

when i get board i like to play online game

Stumbleupon. Great site to waste your time on. You can tailor it to view only your interests.

I goto ebay to have a look around when i am bored.

for when im bored or have some sparetime i like to go to my site and earn some points to spend on stuff. or watch busses wheely on youtube lol

browsing shopping sites makes me feel relaxed

Manju Agarwal Haldiram

skype and facebook is best choice when we bored.

I like facebook!!!

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