What do you consider a fair blog post/article price?

what do you consider a fair blog post/article price? i just want to know, if you pay your writers whats the average price? is it per post? per 100 word…any suggestions or thought would be great.

it’s because i’m looking for writer and non will join for free.

That’s not surprising… I’m looking for an electrician and can’t get one to come for free, either!

Each freelance writer sets his/her own price. You don’t tell your accountant how much you’ll pay him do you? When you hire a freelance writer, it’s the same thing. You are buying a service, not hiring an employee.

what i was trying to say is “it’s because i’m looking for “a guest” writer and non will join for free” … and thanks for the tip

that totally depends on who does the writing for you. if you get shoemoney write something for you, you can expect to pay him $500 to the least. if you can get somebody not that famous you could do it as low as $5.

Yes, $5.00 is a good price if you want copy/paste junk on your website.

The prices depend on the quality, if you are paying 5 bucks you expect high quality articles. There are people who can write from 3 bucks and more.

If you have a decent blog then you might get guest post writers for free in exchange for a backlink in the author bio at the end of the article.

I don’t quite agree to it, the quality of the article depends more on the writer than on the price, $5 is actually a pretty good price for a decent 300 to 500 words article.

Yea! You can find quality article writer for $5 to $10 an article. You just have to look around. Sometimes for a project that requires many articles or long term… You can even find better prices!

I don’t think you can get a quality article for $5, but I know you can get some decent ones for that price at around 400 words. Some good writers may start with a low price to get their name out there, but it won’t take too long for their services to be in high demand and the price will go up as well. When it comes to articles, I think you get what you pay for.

I may give amount depends on writer previous work and ability of content management.

Certainly good for the buyer, certainly not for the writer. Here in the states, the time it would take to write a three hundred word article for $5.00 wouldn’t even pay minimum wage. I wouldn’t even open notepad for the kind of money. :frowning:

You can take a look at the Bargain Bin in Dailyarticle. Those are the articles under $10. Some are even as low as $2.