Newbie on writing

Good day to all, I am new here. My question goes like this: If I am going to apply for an article writing job, what price do I say to them especially that I am still a newbie?

I think it may depend on your articles’ quality. If you have a good work on writing, you need not worry about losing the job, you will be welcomed everywhere. So, give yourself a fair-and-square evaluation.

It all depends on the quality of work you will provide and what your competition is offering. If this is at a freelancing site, there are a lot of people there writing for $1 per 100 words; but of course the quality leaves much to be desired. When I first started at freelancing sites, my bids were always higher than the rest, but one person trusted in me and now I am worth well over most of the bidders.

If your price is high, you better be prepared to back up the price with quality work!

…what price do I say to them…

Based on your example here, I don’t think you can pay a client enough to take it.

It depends on the quality of your work.

We have the freelancers writing for $1 every 100 words.