Prices for high quality articles

Hi I was just wandering how much the going rate is for having top quality articles written for you.

Typically $5 - $7 bucks for a 500 word article is enough, but you’ll need to check, recheck, and check again for duplicate content.

Well. the rate varies from $3 to $5 depending upon the quality. :slight_smile:

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Honestly I’m not sure where orokusaki and digital_shubhi are getting their definition of ‘quality’ from. Considering the first reply suggests having to religiously check for people trying to rip of you off, I’d assume they’re not exactly setting the bar particulary high.

If you want well written articles that provide engaging and original, you need to pay for them. On average, a 500 word article should cost you between $10-$25. I’d say the $10 a minimum. I wouldn’t work for quite that little and neither would many decent, professional writers, but you might get lucky!

There are plenty of content writers that advertise here that would charge over $35 for a 500 world article.

If you just want recycled content to submit to ezinearticles, you can probably get away with $5-$7.

I have seen many people selling high quality articles or the so called ones for under a dollar in many of the popular webmaster forums and imagine how pathetic the quality would be or if the quality is not compromised, then how cheap the human labor has come down owing to competition. IMO, the price should be around $10 for a 500 word article…

I don’t think you can get top quality content on that price.

No offense. But paying $35 per article for just a post on my website is something I wouldn’t do. :rolleyes: I have had some very good experience with $15-$20 range writers.

And some people wouldn’t want to pay $3 per article. It’s all about your own personal budget and the style of the content. I wouldn’t pay $35 for an article or blog post, but I might pay that much for decent sales copy.

I mention that price becuase when I was setting my own prices, I was doing research here and noticed freelancers charging those prices.

<snip> What I do believe is that paying less than $10 for 500 word articles is often not worth the effort.

I’m getting my figures from the fact that I have a piece of software that uses MTurk’s API to submit article request for thousands of pages at a time, and then automatically displays them for my employees’ approval, and through this we found that $5-$7 is the best rate to offer for a 500 word article. We tried offering $10 and even $15 one time (over hundreds of articles), and we got just about the same rate of duplicate content even at the high dollar rate. We settled on $5-$7 because you get the same rate of dup, and that seems to be a plateau for quality. Any lower and you get crappy quality.

You’ll have to excuse my technical ignorance here. You used Mechnical Turk to find writers? Isn’t that service designed for bottom of the barrel data entry-automation stuff?

No way man. MTurk is perfect for article writing. It’s misused by people who think they can label all the images on the internet using hired help from India at 2 cents per image, but it’s great for content too. The only reason it’s not widely used for that is because of the tedious nature of its interface. I don’t work with it’s interface though because the program I use brings me all the information.

Fair enough, I’ve never used it as either a writer or a client, so I wont comment any further about it.

As with anything, mileage can vary. I can link you to $7 articles that are absolute garbage as you may very link to $7 articles that are perfectly well written.

However, I would still reccomend that unless you are looking at needing hundreds of articles on a massive scale you are far better off finding a copywriter who charges a fair price and sticking with that person. Building a relationship with a writer can lead to far more promising business endeavours than just using them as resource to be consumed.

And as a bonus, you don’t have to check your back every single time you recieve new content.

I agree. If you can find a good local <snip> copywriter, you’re much better off in the small volume arena. If you’re doing less than 10 articles per job (daily perhaps) than 10-12 bucks per article is not a bad price to pay knowing you don’t have to micro-manage everything.

For $3 to $5 you get offshore articles that are often not high quality.<snip> I will tell you that my company offers high quality content writing and our prices are nowhere in that range. The price will depend if we need to do research into the subject and how many words you want. We use professional in-house copy writers. We will normally speak to you on the phone to find out what you want and then write for you. If interested, PM me.

Really high end well researched articles usually go for $50-$200 but they are written by experts that have years of research and experience in a specific field (usually they are retired consultants who write articles for some extra money). And for that kind of money you get an article that will be linked to wiki and will be read by everyone who studies that subject it will be a page of knowledge studied and linked to by many.
But these type of articles are few and far between usually they are the showpieces in magazines and high-end publications.

A basic article (how to lose weight, shopping tips, vacation spots, ect) usually takes a writer about 1 hour to write so a lot of it depends where they live, in parts of Asia and India $5 is a good wage for an hour in the States or Europe writers want at least $20-$30 an hour usually.

I think $10 per 500-word article would be a decent price. There are also companies out there that offer bulk orders i.e. 20+ articles at $9 per 500-word article.

why not write your own article. you can be sure that the article you are going to use is original and not a copy paste from others artcles.

Hi James,

Depends on what is the quality in your interpretation? Where do you want to use it? In which niche? What would like you to achieve with that article – it will be a simple content on a whatever webpage or a press release in an established offline magazine? Do you want to sell a product with it? What kind of product? How many reserach need to perfom it?

Please, don’t get me offensive and believe me I don’t want to overmystify the process – but before you want to get an article, you need to answer these questions for yourself. Then you need to decide that how much is to achieve your aim worth for you. Can you afford to getting that?

Maybe you know that ‘what you get is what you pay for’?

In conclusion: a content writer who makes quality article will do not open his/her notebook under $12-$15 for his/her work. And I think he/she is right.

All the best,


Normally a min of £10 per article.

<snip>However, the rates for a written article largely depends upon a number of factors like your country, your client, nature of the written stuff and so on.