What budget should I prepare for this app?

Soon I’m gonna be looking for a developer to build the following iOS app, so I was wondering what budget should I have.

The app needs to connect to Namecheap API, create subdomain to a domain I already own, add text record to the newly created subdomain, and on the screen where the subdomain is created should have 4 text fields - two mandatory and two optional. The user should only be able to add new subdomain but not delete it (for now). As for the text record for the corresponding subdomain, they should be able to delete or update It if they wish.

The UI is already created so the code should be only connected to the corresponding fields and buttons.

There will be three screens -

  1. main screen with a list user’s owned subdomains.
  2. Second screen will be used for new subdomain creation/generation.
  3. This will be static text only screen with explanation about the app etc. This will also be provided to the developer.

The app should also store the information locally so in case the user deletes the app, they should be able to restore all the information if downloaded again. I’m not sure about this part, what’s the proper way, and if I’m using the correct terminology. Open to suggestions here

The app must accept in app purchases - ApplePay and crypto currencies. I’ll provide the developer with the necessary API information from the crypto payment provider.

I have very basic Swift/iOS development knowledge, so if I’m missing something, please comment and I’ll update the info.

My main question as I wrote in the title is the budget I should prepare for such app?

My personal feeling is, you are going to battle to get someone on a forum to give you an accurate quote for an app, and certainly for an app of this size.
Creating a quote for something like this, is hours of works.

When I need to do a quote, I breakdown as much of the functionality as possible on a spread sheet.
I breakdown the functionality into as many categories as I can (front end, database, API, testing, etc).
I make this as detailed as possible.

After that, I assign minutes values to each of the tasks (and remember, this is now broken down into as much detail as is reasonable possible, so although time consuming, it should be fairly accurate).
After that, depending on the size of the project, I add on a percentage of time for unknowns.
If other developers are going to be involved, I also add time for meetings, management, etc.
I then add time for testing, and again, this will be a percentage dependent on the project size.
I then add time for bug fixes and other unknowns.

Once I have a good idea of how long the project will take, I can figure out a realistic budget.
If the project is relatively short, I’ll charge a high hourly rate and multiple that by the hours.
If it’s very long, I’ll lower the hourly rate.
If it’s very long and I need to hire other programmers, I’ll need to make sure that that’s also accounted for.

I hope this helps.


It’s great that you are starting a new venture. Good Luck!
Well, the total cost to develop any mobile app depends on various factors, including technology stack, team involved, days required, features that you want to include, etc.

As you have already worked on the UI, the developers might cut down the cost a bit. I am not sure but you also need to be specific about the domain, if it’s a gaming app or music streaming.

As you plan to launch the app on iOS, the good news is that it would be cheaper than Android. So, that’s a relief for you.

So, discuss all these factors with the developers that you hire and then they can quote the final price.

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