Planning to create an app for iPhone/iPad

Hi guys,

I’m planning to make an app for iPhone and iPad. What all are the things I need to create it? Do I need to register with Apple to supply my app to its app store? What is the procedure?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

The bare minimum you’ll need will be to pay for an apple developer account, and download the ios sdk and xcode. The apple’s ios developer website has plenty information available on the various steps involved in creating an app and submitting to the app store for approval.

Beyond that, there are many different frameworks you could choose depending on your development skills and experience, you don’t necessarily have to learn objective C.

Guys, is there’s a way to create iOS apps using Windows operating system? I guess I can not afford to buy an Mac this year.

You don’t need a mac, it’s possible to do it entirely on a PC (albeit a bit tricky) with certain frameworks e.g:


Knowledge of Objective-C

You’re good to go.

Incorrect, you don’t need a MacBook, and you don’t need to know either cocoa or objective-c. You do need a developer account.

That post is 3 years old, and comments indicate people complaining about it. Anyone tried this recently?

Recent-ish blog:

I’m in the same boat. I see alot of growth in the Mobile Development field. I was torn between Android and iOS for about a year and finally i picked a side. iOS i’m not much of a MAC fan i personally their computers are highly over priced for no freakn reason. However there’s growing demands for iPhone and iPads and I do see the value in Apple’s mobile devices.

With a lot of research there’s no way around it. You definitely need a MAC or I wouldn’t be buying one. I hear alot of stories about PhoneGap you still need Mac to process the code and generate it; Apple is extremely picky about letting apps into their marketplace without careful consideration of how the code is generated. So reading the blog “” I wouldn’t believe it unless he did it right infront of my eye, or create a full non-stop screen cast of developing the iOS app and deploy it.

There’s even applications out there like Xamarin that allow you to code iOS apps in Visual Studio using C# .NET but it still needs a iOS system (MAC) as server to process and generate the code into a suitable iOS app. My employer pays $1000 per developer license to have this done.

So i agree with midyanamics 100% you need the following.

And Apple Developer account.

MacPros seem pretty cheap on eBay just get some old one just for iOS development. I’m gonna treat it like a runt; give it a ****** desk, and monitor lol