Iphone Application Develoment - Help

Hello !

I have a website that has database etc and lots of process. Now I want to build an application for iPhone/iPad that will just list some links and each link will grab the data from my ONLINE database and will show on the screen.

Now the problem is, I have never even coded a HELLO WORLD application fro iPhone/iPad. But very keen to learn this.

What I want to know is that :

  1. How shall I start to code this ?
  2. Can you locate me the best resource (tutorial) that shows Online database access via iPhone/iPad ?
  3. I have iphone/ipad, MacBook Pro and Xcode installed. What else do I need to have ?
  4. Applications can also be developed using Flash Action Script, if I go to that route - is that OK or what will be the best route ?

I just want a quick startup - do not want to go into the details like (how xOS works, how cocoa works etc etc). Just want to start with the code with a little bit of reading.

Please guide me

Best Regards

Your iOS application cannot connect direcly to a live database. It can only connect to a local sqlite database. So you need to write an API that responds in either jSON or XML. The api does the database connection and queries. You can take a look at this for XML parsing in iOS

  1. Create a new project in xcode. There are lots of tutorials online for a basic starting point on how to put an app together and link the interface elements with your code.
  2. Google: database queries
  3. The only thing you still need an apple development account. Which is $99 per year for a single account or $299 a year for corp. account.
  4. They can be written PhoneGap or something like that. They work ok, but you still need the deveolpment account. And if you choose something, make sure apple approve of it. I have heard of friends that have written apps in these gen tools and it was regected by apple, as it is against their terms to use anything but xcode. But lately it has seemed to be going through, but they could change their mind again. So be carefull with that.

I hope this helps

Hello NightStalker-DNS

Thanks a lot that you spent time and give me some very good suggestions.

Yes, I never mean that the application will connect to the database, I will use that API (REST) and that will return XML. So I would need to parse that. Yes, i want to do it in XCode. Thanks a lot !

Can you please locate me some tutorial / material that will show how to connect to a site via REST and then parse the outcome. ?