Easiest way to create a Netflix-like subscription app/site for a proof of concept


Hi everyone, first time posting in the mobile section of Sitepoint:) I have a little dilemma and was hoping I could get some direction here.

I want to create a basic and bare-boned iphone app/website with the same basic functionality as Netflix. Think a basic video subscription app/website for a proof of concept project. The goal would be to have it accessible through the web and iphone through the app store.

I know basic html, css and php but have never played around with xcode + swift however, I am quick learner and don't mind putting hours in for this project.

Basically, in your opinion, what would be the least complicated and safest way for app store inclusion way to accomplish this without paying someone else to create the app?

I can create a website with this functionality without any problem but I heard that the app store rejects app's that are based on websites, is that a correct assumption?

Would really appreciate any advice on this!



Another question that popped up during my research, does the app store automatically reject apps that are built with phone gap?



They will reject any app, Cordova, Phonegap or otherwise, when they do not follow guidelines. Read the guidelines:






It would be easier to answer this by specifying what features you want to include in the app. Saying "Netflix" will not be enough. Once you have all the features, then you'll be able to break it down as to what is needed. For instance, this question is best answered by making drawings of the screens step by step, and determining what should show on each screen, and what kind of coding is good for displaying that content.



Hi Steven, thank you for your answer! I understand that I have to follow the guidelines and have read them, the confusion for me is that I don't see them mentioning the tools "Phone gap" "Cordova" etc in the guidelines but when I browse the web to do some research it seems like using this tools will get you automatically rejected.

Thank you for the detailed answer to my other question. I'll get started to work on the product requirements.



Now you know that Cordova and Phonegap are not the issue.


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