What are the best three SEO strategies can I use to move my keywords

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I have worked on these keywords for the past two months and i want to get position 1-3 on Google.com. My keywords are current on position 9,10 and 12 and so far I have been using article writing and distribution to article directories and web 2.0 blogs as well as social bookmarking. Now that I am closer to top three, what strategies do you suggest, I use to achieve this desired ranking?

Per your post it seems like you have done a lot of work outside of your website to get the citations. What have you done on the website itself to build up those keywords? If you haven’t done so already I would write content for your own website on those topics to generate natural link backs and shares. Is this a local business? Have you built up your local citations for those terms?

Yes i have done some outside work though not much. I have just been writing articles and posting to web 2.0 blogs as well as article directories. What else can i do?I am thinking of doing some doc sharing, does that help?

Everything you have explained is offsite SEO… I think you need to work on the onsite aspect of SEO with the suggestions I made. As far as doc sharing you can post presentations on slideshare also.

Again I am grateful for your support. Is there a tool or tools which i can use to check my onsite SEO position and what i need to work on as part of onsite, that way, i will get help. More so tools for wordpress based website because my website is a worpdress site.


I use SEOMOZ.org…Check it out.


First of all as we know that we can’t get instant rank and traffic on our sites. I suggest you to do forum posting , blog commenting for your sites on relevant topic. It will help you to get back-links as well as you will get relevant traffic from particular users.

Thanks for that, I will research more on two two and see how i can use them better without being considered a spammer.

You might as well spend the time painting your walls blue for all the good it will do you. The majority of blogs and forums mark all external links as nofollow, meaning that they are 100% useless for SEO. Most of the rest will be overrun with spam, meaning they will be 99% useless for SEO, or they will be heavily moderated, meaning you won’t get to drop any links.

Remember, any link that is easy for you to get is one that Google will pay little or no attention to.


While forum posting and blog commenting may help drive traffic, if your contributions are of high quality, they are useless from the point of view of backlinks. Many forums, like SitePoint, make all user-submitted links nofollow, as do many blogs. Even where you can find forums or blogs which do not do this, the links you can get there are pretty worthless. Search engines put very little value on easily-obtainable, self-generated links.


Stevie D beat me to it; we can’t both be wrong, can we? :slight_smile:

This SEO business is very complex sometimes.

your keyword on top 2 or 3 rank now what do you want more? but you want suggestions i say you do great seo on your site if you write daily 5 articles so increase upto 10 and social bookmaring upto 100 sites per day then promote your products and articles on social media sites do blog commenting directory submissions

There are many new methods that you can use to get back-link and gain a higher position instead of using older methods like Web 2.0 Links and most these days you can use .edu and .gov links to gain a higher position for the search phrases in search engines.


New? That advice is ancient and, more to the point, just plain wrong. :rolleyes:

As @Stevie_D said in another thread:


I agree with your suggestion… i suggest do some On Site Work for your Website… It Will helps you more to get ranking. And then after apply Off Page SEO.

add more contents in your website. Have you optimized your site? If you want to rank for a certain key, you have to keep writing about it. Just don’t write the same stuffs all over again. You can use related keys if you want just to diversify your keys. Do not over-optimize, btw.

Home page content should be of 500 words and inner page content is about 300 to 350.

Well if you want to get keywords in 1st page so honestly do blog posting with related to your keywords, blog sharing ans blog commenting daily. In 2 months i got 6 keywords in 1st page.

If your ranking 9, 10 and 12 position so might be your on page is proper. So you should start social media marketing and submit the article link in social media sites. And also create fans to social media sites. It is very helpful to increase ranking.