Keywords in top 5 position?

Hello Friends,
I have been working on one of the SEO project from past few months and by working consistently on this I had achieved my first target that is to bring all the keywords on top ten position but now I am focusing to bring these in top 5 position and some of the techniques which I am using are directory submission, social bookmarking, forum posting, blogging, article submission etc., Still by using all these techniques the keywords are not yet stable on their position for example one of the keyword was on position 4 and now it has dropped down to position 7. Please suggest some techniques which can be helpful to bring all the keywords in top 5 positions and make them stable.

you have to make strategy for each of them depending on the type of keyword.

with competitive keywords everybody is working to better their serp. so should you.

You see, it’s very difficult (impossible in fact) to stick to a SERP ranking. Rejiggering in search results (as a result of rigorous optimization by your competitors) makes it really hard for webmasters to stay glued to a high SERP position.

You must, however, keep working on on-page and off-page optimization techniques consistently and religiously to avoid steep falls.

I am agreed with everyone but i am going to suggest you to start searching new sites to improve you keywords ranking. May be you are used to posting on the same websites you have already get backlinks for your keywords. Now is the time to start posting on some new sites and definitely you will find your goals.

Create a Keyword distribution for your targeted keywords and make some variation in your link building techniques to make those links look natural to bots. But make sure to get backlinks from high authority sites.

Well you need a complete plan/strategy for that depending on the keyword search term and competition. A general advice is that at this time blog commenting and article submission will help you a lot improve rankings from top 10 to top 5 spots and maintain it.

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