3 Ways to Leverage Social Interactions in Your SEO\n Campaigns

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Any of you tried these strategies? Have any other tips or warnings you’d add?

Thank you for sharing.Now I understand the concept of three way link building.

Link wheel is also good option for getting good back link


great write up i like the adwords keyword link , very effective, and I think it will help me increase my ROI and some upcoming campaigns

That’s interesting, I think this is a great help for everyone. But I will try this and figure it out if this this one really works. By the way thanks for sharing this.

Three way links are great but they can fade to obscurity and you dont know if it is still a live link or not.

I need to know about SEO, How it actually works. Thanks for discussing here.

building more backlinks through forum posting, blog commenting, social bookmarking, rss syndication, article directories.

Well there is no doubt in saying that “Content really matters a lot”.Freshness and uniqueness of content is also a great factor now a days.
But these two things off page and on page go side by side for better SEO.

Just a quick comment - got a typo on that last section, first paragraph: “manydevelopers” should be “many developers.”

I think you have to follow the standard of SEO 101. Content should have a keyword density, and those keywords must have an internal link. - SEO Consultant

everybody knew “content is king” ,but …how to build content best?

Yeah tried some of them…I got Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and what not. But I don’t post crap and spammy post. I make sure I only post useful content on these social media sites. Because if people see you only post crap then you don’t get their “visits” or clicks.

I think these information are much enough for any one ho is trying to work online.

Thanks for sharing that article, I have never seen that in all my time here.

In that way are they more complicated kanchana21?

i think these are more complicated…
Thank you for sharing with us…:lol:

It seems that there isn’t anyone answer the poster.

thank you for sharing this

right after your posting, you have to submit your latest post page to social bookmarking websites like Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, and etc… And also with article submission. I’m sure it will help you guys!