What are the affects of social networking on communication in our society?

What are the affects of social networking on communication in our society? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Are you writting a paper on it heh?

it makes a good relationship among all of us.

If you are writing a paper on this, i came across these articles a few months ago which you may find helpful.


you can make many friends and also you can learn some things you don’t know.

The concept of making friends and interacting with them has changed a lot. Think back when there was no Internet… you only make friends in your neighborhood. With the introduction of social networks, you are making friends and interacting with someone miles and miles away from you.

It definitely changes the way of communicating to others. You can now just look up some of your friends on the web, you can know what they are doing and where they are and you can interact with them online.

Just making friends on the internet, the way your communicating with others and learning from others and sharing your thoughts to the community. That just some of the advantages of social networking. However, because many people don’t actually use their real names and identity, many makes pranks and worse mislead other people.

Social networking is a good way to connect with your friends and meet new people around the world. It makes you think that we’re just living in a very small world. We are all connected!

The biggest advantage is that you get to share things among your network very fast. My friends keep sending me knowledgeable stuffs;
interesting writings,
information about inventions, discoveries, experiences of people,
important news,
learning tips,
recreational ideas,
events going around

and so much more…

yes, making friends with different nationalities can easily be done through social networking… and even finding a partner… though it’s very important not to trust them easily because some of them are not just serious and they dont reveal their real identity…

I can talk to people without going outside. This is a very large benefit for us Nerds on the Internet. (Trademarked.)

You can meet new friends and old friends and it is easy for you to spread information to them. Also, you will be updated on what your friends are doing.

to make new friends , gives information about the persons we love/care …

to tell u the truth , i 'v just read a report abt the social netwroking
and some phychologists claimed that it reflects people’s negative attitude in the real world

I would like to see the source of that article since I believe that statement is 180 degrees away from the truth. I believe Social Networking gives people a more positive attitude about the world.

Social Networking allows you to meet and interact with people from nearly every culture and we find that when we are “people” and not “countries” we have very similar needs and desires and very few differences. I am grateful every day for this privilege that the Internet allows us.

For me the affects of social networking on communication in our society is good.
Social networking is by connecting and meet other people.

So, I guess you won’t disagree the fact that many teegaes who got addicted to the social networking thing. Every coin has two sides, I should say. Besides there is a potential for failure of security in both personal and business context.

advantages : social networking provides to meet others make friends.It also gives us to promote our services,products.
Disadvantages : It is spoiling childrens life since most networks are allowing adult chatting in the networks.

Oh fiddle. There is a potential for either failure or success in everything you do. It has little to do with the platform you use to do it.

As for teenagers getting “addicted” to social bookmarking, I am not a teen, but I could easily spend all day on Facebook but I exercise a little self-control and attend to my other responsibilities and obligations instead. Defining social networks and bookmark sites into an “addiction” is only a crutch that some folks (teens and adults alike) use as an excuse for their lack of self-discipline.

Additionally, you didn’t provide the link to the “report” you “just read”. Why not?