Banning Social Networking sites?

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Nowadays some countries or private organizations are banning some of the social networking sites like facebook orkut, twitter etc.
What do you think banning by country or private organization is good or bad?

its not good to ban on social networking sites, bcoz now a days we gets lots of traffic on our site by social sites…

Social sites is very important in building a link to your site or blog. Don’t stop linking your site to this because you can loss a bigger chance of getting a higher rank

It’s a ridiculously bad idea. Social networking through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc., now rules the world. It’s certainly helped me get business. Social networks are our friends, not our enemies - embrace them & drink the Kool-aid.

I can understand private companies banning them - they don’t want employees spending their days on social networking sites instead of doing what they’re being paid to do. However, I can’t understand entire countries banning them, regardless of how egotistical the government may be (such as in China).

Basic problem is that Facebook’s management is not taking steps against those who are pointing on other people’s religion, thats why most of the countries are banning it,China is an exceptional case. I cant understand their philosophies.
With the perspective of organizations so, they has a policy if we are paying the employees then each minute of the employee should be utilize in working,But where organizations feels to pursue with social networking they do allow their employees. they are not fool,they know the value of social networks,but it allowed to the relevant people who are engaged in the promotion of the company.
There are certain reasons, which are in consideration before banning any social networking site.

These are two very different issues that really should be separated…

A country banning social generally does so in an attempt to control it’s people and access to free information as has been the case in Egypt and other nations recently.

When a company makes a ban it is often to impact employee productivity and may have merrit, however, it’s essential that the company understands the implication of any such ban. The reality of today’s market is that engaging and understanding social is a vital part of any business and while marketing teams may be on point for social media, it doesn’t scale unless the entire organization gets it and gets on it.

By banning employees the company is closing the door on people’s ability to see those conversations and participate. Governance and regulations are smart, lock downs are generally less so.

Social sites are becoming very common these days…So i don’t think that they should be banned…

Yes with social networks, any message can spread out so fast. That’s why come countries have concern about it politically.

It’s worst action taken by someone. As Social networking sites give us an opportunity to widen up our work and social network and go beyond the regional area. I don’t think anyone has right to do so.

Hello. Why do you think in Egypt the internet was cut off?

Not all countries have “freedom of speech”

I have no problem with private companies banning social sites. It’s a distraction and decreases productivity. You’re paid to be there to work, not socialize. Besides, companies can set all sorts of rules and policies. If you don’t agree to them, don’t work there.

As for governments, I don’t believe they should have any say whatsoever. Should a website be considered for banning (for instance, child porn), it should be the responsibility of web hosts to just now allow that type of material.

But it is what it is. Governments operate differently, and whether we agree with their decision to ban a site, it should be up to the people who live within the country to demand a change.

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I think its bad because its censoring the internet - we should be able to access the websites that we want, but other countries are running their country like a dictarship and don’t allow people to do anything - people need to step up and put a stop to this, because its just hurting the growth of the internet.

Bad… What makes a website like Facebook a good thing is its popularity. A lot of people, including me, are finding old friends from there and it’s always something people like.

Social networking are used to connect our relatives, friends and so on.Social networking helps us to keep the update of what is happening in the world.So I think banning social networking sites is not a good option.

With Social networking sites you are in constant touch with your peers, colleagues, businesses and also it helps in getting traffic.

I don’t think its a correct news, please share the resource where you get this.

Where have you been the last few weeks??!5743073/egypt-bans-twitter-to-fight-protests

China has banned most of the social sites