Online Buddies: Do they stay online or are they for life?

Online Buddies: Do they stay online or are they for life?

If you’re on the web and part of forums, chatrooms, IM programs or part of some class of an online social setting/environment - you’re bound to communicate with some people sooner or later! At some point in time these people often ask you to be a “buddy” or “can I add you to my contact list” or vice versa!

Now…my question is - Do these friends/buddies/contacts stay online or do they become “real life friends”! What are your views on “net friends”? Maybe you steer clear from all that interaction lark and just not talk to anyone :scratch: Maybe there are some people you would love to meet? Maybe you have no intentions of ever meeting anyone; people you meet online…stay online!

For me, I guess you will have people that are just “contacts on your buddy list” but there are some that you will class as friends and in some cases I have actually met a few people aswell - some I wish I didn’t…we won’t go there and others that I’m SO glad I did! :slight_smile:

So…what are your experiences? Maybe you haven’t given much thought to the people you talk to online? Would it be too werid for you to make that transition into the “real world” where you do actually get to meet someone you’ve been chatting to for say 5 years"!

Looking forward to hearing your feedback/stories! :cool:

Here’s a story of meeting people online in person:

When I started college, I joined the school’s message board. It was a nice place to just converse and talk to other students online. The message board started to be a little strict on the types of conversations that were held on the message board. Eventually, a huge group of us left the boards and started a website called The Fuse.

The new forum started to organize meet and greets at coffee shops and announced parties that would go on. I would say the forum accounted for 90% of my friends during college. We were such a large community that our group of people would have their own label, Fusers. It’s just funny how an online forum contributed to a lot of my friendships that continue on today. I met a lot of these people 7 years ago.

People that I meet online, there’s always that “feeling out” process, the initial conversation and see how comfortable you are. Just kind like what you do in real life when you first meet someone. I guess what I consider someone I met online as a friend is if I were to be in their local area and that I would be more than willing to meet them in person. Overall, to me, I like meeting new people and it doesn’t really affect whether it is in person or online, as it doesn’t matter to me. : )

There are a handful of people whom I’ve ‘met’ online and with whom I have subsequently developed a lasting off-line friendship. The ‘oldest’ of these relationships is on its tenth year now.

I have only met two of them in person (so far), the others I’ve only spoken to over the telephone.

Well, I have never met any of my online friends. I’m not much into socializing and don’t have any online friends that would live locally.

But I don’t see any difference between online and off. I don’t go out much (at all) so there’s hardly any difference between not seeing neither of them :lol:

I’ve never physically met anyone that I’ve met on the net but that will hopefully change soon. :smiley:

I think that you can make real good friends online but also that you can get scammed easily. It is harder if you’ve been dealing with a person for a long time but it is still possible.

:tup: interesting viewpoints/experiences guys!

At what point do you determine that it’s a good time to meet? Are you taking a gamble and hoping for the best really? Even though you talk to people online for years it’s still difficult to get a good sense of their personality or how they act?

I find it quite spooky how young people in particular - I mean teenagers, just meet people from their facebook/social networking sites really quickly! It’s only a matter of weeks or even days and they are socialising in the real world! When I met people from the internet years ago, I knew them for a good few years before I even considered a meeting; the thought of just meeting at the drop of a hat is something I can’t get my head around! Maybe it’s a girl thing and we’re extra cautious - who knows!?

I think it is just as easy to get scammed offline regardless of how long you know someone.

Not that I see a necessity to meet someone at all, unless there is a good reason. Communication happens by whatever means it needs to happen. If there’s a reason I might as well meet them the same day.

It also depends where you first met them, same can be said about some offline acquaintances.

I really don’t differentiate offline and online in this regard. Maybe because I hardly understand either form of socializing :lol:

:lol: Saul - I have to laugh at your take on socialising and how open you are about how terrible you are at it :stuck_out_tongue: But, I do agree with you :agree:

Well I guess we don’t have anyone who has a problem with meeting anyone from the web then? :scratch: that’s not what I expected really!

It all depends on the comfort level. It really varies, sometimes it’s a couple days, other times it’s a couple years.

The key is to be in a public setting or in a setting with a lot of people. I sometimes will even bring friends along to eliminate any tension.

That’s a good safe approach Tin :tup: When I met people I also brought a friend along too as a just incase and also for some moral support!

Not so sure… facial expression can say a lot of things and it is easier to build a deep relationship if you can watch their reaction to your words (and not only listening…)

I guess that you can use videoconferencing (something that I personally hate) but it is not the same.

Although I guess that it is easier to start a conversation online… most of the time, you hang around the same places or forums, and you get in touch with people that seem to have similar views to your regarding a particular topic. That makes it easier.

I used to have this huge contact list with what i call “sleepers”… people who asked to be added but never said a word, or wrote a mail. it came to a point where i just deleted them all. it’s better to have people on my buddy list that can talk, than have a lot of people there just to fill up some space.

the only people i have on my list now is people i do talk with. maybe i don’t talk so much on IM with them, but we meet on forums/chatrooms and mail each others.

I have met a lot of people offline, that i first met online. I have traveled thousands of kilometers to meet people, many times. This could either be a bunch of regular people from a forum / chatroom (been an owner and co owner of some chatrooms since mid 90’s), or some geeks from chatrooms or forums, musicians, morons and crazy people hahaha

people fascinate me, but i had been talking for quite some time with those i met. most people i met back in the 90’s and early 2k, and now i seldom meet people if there’s not some kind of business or offline relations involved.

But of course there are people on my list that i would like to meet, but it’s not that important. most of the people on my buddy lists lives in a different country.

I have online friends that turned offline friends, and some of these friendships dates back to mid 90’s. most of them lives on the other site of the country, but when i travel that way, we use to meet for a talk or a crazy party :smiley:

do i trust people i meet online? nah, nope, never :stuck_out_tongue:

My point is that it doesn’t matter. Friends do it, family members do it, heck even a spouse can do it. If you are wary about what’s going on online, you might actually be less likely to be scammed as opposed to offline where you trust everyone.

How’s that for a mood for this post :shifty: :lol:

Most of the folks I know online I haven’t met in person. Mostly because of the large geographical distance.

A few folks I’ve been in touch with over IM/IRC/email had been in contact for about 3 years or so before any contact on the phone, video chat, or in person actually happened. By that point, it’s probably safe to say if you have a decent idea of what the person’s like and if it’s worth knowing them outside of the interwebz.

I become online friends with a group of people from a forum - I’ve lost most contact with all but 2. One became my boyfriend (and still is), another is a really good friend.

It’s actually quite a funny story because the one that became my boyfriend was actually the year above me at school, and we both knew of each other but never talked while at school (I was actually jealous of him because he was seen as the ‘computer-know-it-all’ by the teachers). After 7 months of online talking I fell for him and we decided to meet up at a local KFC (public area). Our relationship is as strong as ever (apart from a few troubled times) and it’s really good that I have someone to share my interests with (he is an aspiring web designer, I’m an aspiring web developer).

The other friend of mine I haven’t met in real life yet, but I wish to and we message each other and talk a fair bit. I hope to invite her to my 21st in July but travel/work could be an issue for her. She lived in my area for a year after we finished school and I wish I had taken the time to arrange a meeting. I really regret it because now I don’t know when I’ll get another opportunity to do so.

What kind of friends do you have? :eek2:

Now seriously… you can get scammed in real life even by your friends and family and that happens… but I still think that online is easier than offline. The fact that you’re unknown, truly unknown… your name doesn’t have to be real, you don’t need to have a face, and if you’re smart enough, nobody will know where you live…

Can’t agree with you Saul, sorry :slight_smile:

the only place I’ve been scammed is offline, by friends and family.


speak for yourself, I don’t trust anyone :shifty: :lol:

I may have been scammed by “friends” (if you can call that friends, of course) but never by family… disappointed? sure, but not scammed :slight_smile:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Online or off, there are some people I become close to and others not. Doesn’t really matter where or how we meet. Only the personality matters.

I can usually tell the friendships that are real and the ones that are temporary though.

I have friends that I e-mail or chat with online that I consider closer than people I’ve known for years and years.


met online buddies in real life

and its not wierd or anything