Can Facebook be replaced?

As we all already know more and more people are not satisfied with Facebook “new rules”. They break our privacy at all and collect as many information about us as possible. Screenshots of our conversations, listening to microphone, asking for a photo to prove it’s really me.
I’ve heard that there are few social networks based on blockchain that will be presented in nearest days.
What are your thoughts? Is it interesting to you and will you try it or you’re satisfied with Facebook and will continue using it?

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Hi there samlees,

I have been very lucky in my little life.
This may be because, as my mother told me,
I came out of the womb contrary.

This congenital condition has always seemed
to me to be a godsend, as it has prevented
my falling foul to the ad populum fallacy.

One of the benefits of this condition is that I
have never been a member of “FaceBook” or
any other social media site, for that matter. :winky:

My advice, for what it’s worth, is that you leave
“FaceBook” and any other social media site that
you belong to, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in,
breathe out and you will begin to feel the inner
peace that will gently give you the ability to cope
with those conflicts of life which seem to beset you
so much. :biggrin:



As for me I already deleted my account right after they asked for my photo. I only used it for communication with my foreign friends so I just collected their contacts in other social networks to be in touch.
So i’m a lucky one :slight_smile:
Just interested if it’s okay for other people and if something new will be interesting to them.
Blockchain is a mainstream now :smile:

Facebook is a very powerful tool and should be used with caution. Treat it the same as a sharp knife, always securely hold the handle, never the blade to use it as a hammer.

I’ve deleted my Facebook account a few months ago and haven’t regretted it for a second. It’s really growing too big for its own good.


I’m just wondering why it’s okay for so many people being watched all the time? Of course many of them don’t even know anything about collecting their data, some are just okay with it… But it’s not a normal situation, I think.


I’m afraid it is normal. Not that it is ethical or OK, But it is a fact of life that where the possibility to exploit exists there will be some that take advantage of the possibility and do exploit.

What I have noticed is that often people are offered a “convenience” and willingly opt-in without considering the possible consequences. For a few examples:

  • someone wants a cell phone so they can have easier contact with others, but have not thought about the possibility that their movement can be tracked and their conversations can be recorded.
  • they get a store discount card without realizing their purchase history is being logged.
  • they want a voice activated device but have not thought about how it is “listening” to all conversation.
  • they want to use a subscribed television service without realizing their viewing history is being logged.
  • they like the idea of having their appliances connected to the “internet of things” but haven’t thought about how that information could be being used by others.
  • they like the idea of facial recognition device log in, but have not considered that their image could be being stored elsewhere.
  • they are interested in knowing their DNA profile, but have not thought about how it might be being used by others.

In short, the old adage holds true. “Two people can keep a secret if …”

tl;dr If you don’t want others to know something don’t give them the opportunity.


That’s not always working I’m afraid. :slight_smile:

Slightly off topic:

Even if you have never joined a social site, even if you have never ever visited FB from any device, they have a “shadow account” that holds all info they gather about you.

It could start with some detail somewhere they can’t match with an existing account so they create a shadow account. Then they keep adding details that could match that profile and also builds a social network with connections to anyone that info comes from. In time FB knows more about your life than you know your self.

Clearly off topic:

Also if you are totally unknown and no social network has a clue, you are still sharing info you might not think of.

  • When you interact with places your details are collected and stored and usually shared. If it’s offline it soon will be online too.
  • When you visit sites that use services offered by “security” companies all info your browser leaks is stored and shared/sold worldwide.
  • When “friends” share their contacts your details are stored and spread anywhere.
  • When “friends” tag their photos with your name you end up being identified anywhere.
  • When you renew your driver license or ID you are asked to show a neutral face for a nation wide database for face recognition.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s normal life as we know it today. Be aware and accept what you can’t control. :slight_smile:


< offtopic >

…and then there’s CCTV surveillance
in your face wherever you go. :eek:

"You’ve got nothing to worry about, if
you’ve done nothing wrong"
say the
gormless masses, totally oblivious to the
possibility that what is all right today may
be totally wrong tomorrow when some
other psychopathic politician happens
to be in power. :wonky:

It should be noted that Winston Smith
definitely had some rather unpleasant
experiences because of them. :eyebrows:

< /offtopic >



Sounds like disaster :slight_smile: We’re just small people in the hands of dark material.
I start to believe that 3rd world war will be caused by network and technologies. They will make people unuseful and machines will control the world…

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Who actually use Facebook nowadays? Facebook is for old people. This is awful site with disgusting design a tonns of commercial. Nobody use it anymore, especially now, today you can download info that facebook keeps about you, and that’s a lot. Enough for me to delete my acc forever.

well if you believe the stats put out ’ As of the third quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly active users.’

So quite a lot of people! even if 3/4 were bots and fake accounts it’s still over half a billion.

I have to have an account to be able to test things but that’s as far as i go and most of my info is fake.

Will it be replaced. maybe oneday when something better comes along with a whole lot of slightly different problems.

Oh… also facebook marketplace is gaining ground and causing problems for Ebay etc

Think you have a good movie plot there. :wink:

It’s very close thought to Dan Brown’s book called Origin :slight_smile: So I think such movie will appear one day without me :frowning:

Haven’t read that book, thanks for the tip, but I’ve seen all the Terminator and Matrix sequals. :+1:

More than once! :blush:


[OT] I like to think that there will be an intermediate time between AI taking full control over humans when they just mess with us and keep turning the IOT toaster on and switching to a different programme half way through recording something on the sky box (or showing you the spoiler first).

Ahh stop opening my IOT garage door and turning my heating up and down, but working perfectly every time an engineer comes out!!

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That’s why it seems that they become a commercial project, not a social network anymore. It was created to connect people and now I see only tons of ads there.
I’ve heard that some new blockchain based social networks are going to appear. Maybe it will change situation for better and FB will lose half of billion users and change their minds.

well according to the TV adverts they are listening. I know they have changed their algorithms to what they show people now. It has become harder to reach people via advertising on FB compared to a few years back.

But perhaps all just lip service. Unsurprising when you have shareholders who want return on investment. Anything driven financially will ultimately seek to exploit everything it can and sadly normally has a positive feedback loop. More money means more advertising which increases participation which increases money and so on.

Anything that is free open source etc generally has less money so can’t advertise. Look at Linux. To my mind in many respects it works far better than MS or Apple and is mostly free. Why isn’t it in every PC outlet… because they don’t have the money to compete with MS and Apple and convince people to switch. I’ve never seen a TV advert for Ubuntu.

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The cynical response would be that their hand was forced by GDPR coming in this year, they had no choice.

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personally i use social medias such as snapchat and instagram, I never used FB that much beforehand but after it came out about the privacy i stopped using it all together.