Have a forum with great stats - need advertising ideas

I’ve got a pretty robust wine forum going, started in January, and soon I want to monetize it with ads. It’s a very desirable demographic, with a lot of purchasing, nearly 100% of the forum with a graduate school education, etc.

Site Usage (Aug 24-Sept 23)

* 81,224 Visits 

* 728,712 Pageviews 

* 8.97 Pages/Visit 

* 00:11:30 Avg. Time on Site 

* 14.66% % New Visits 

Now, I plan to add Adsense to the site, but also want to have some nicely targeted advertisers. Do I go about and get these myself, or is there a group that does this for forum owners?

You should definitely try to contact individual advertisers first. They make the most !

DO NOT GO NEAR CLICKSOR OR ANY RELATED AFFILIATE people in the industry do not take them seriously because of stuff that goes on in the background. ive worked with almost every network and ive had people literally refuse to deal me because i was serving ads which were coming from their IP;s. They are filled with viruses, Trojans, spyware, and no to mention they have horrible support, and they love to cancel high earning accounts and that money you earn them never makes it to you, they just pocket it. DONT DEAL WITH THEM!

Get your site more backlinks, comment the url in blogs related to your site, get some social book marking tools on there like socialmarker dot com (no its not mine lol, its a good tool though) put the link to interesting conversations or maybe how to;s or something and submit it to all of them. do that with a bunch of threads, and you will start moving up in SE listings as well. That helps your SEO.

Try these ad networks out, I find the CPA ones make the most money on average, depending on your niche:

24/7 Real Media

Tribal Fusion



Oops, forgot the site URL

wineberserkers dot com (can’t post a URL as a rookie here)

The ads will likely go in the right side, as a column

i think u can join some ads agent which they allow publish your profile so that advertisers purchase ads from you. Try ClickSor, CPA networks …

or you can search some affiliate marketing e-books on hipfiles dot com

Thanks, Cybermini. Not sure how the affiliate marketing is the best option here, really, but I’ll check out the ClickSor and CPA Networks recommendations

Actually, both those appear to be strictly affiliate programs - I need just plain ol’ advertising banners on the site with PPC revenues

Go to similar sites, and wine sites in general, and contact their advertisers. I am sure many of them are looking for more places to advertise in.

You can also contact advertisers using Google (Adwords), Yahoo and MSN.

Put up a spot that says something like ‘advertise here, find out how’ or something similar and then send it to a contact page.

dnc - yes, I could easily do that, of course, but I guess I’m wondering what firms are out there who have all advertisers ready to go. I can’t imagine there is not something in place for this already, as it’s money waiting to be taken.

Ya maybe. You could probably just look up wine companies and do an email campaign too. Thats a free option.

Text links will be a good idea, try infolinks.com

mm is there any wine related affiliate programs out there?

the first thing I would do is dig thru wine magazines and see who is advertising in there and call them up.

Is it really that complicated and or hard to contact advertisers on your own???

Do you have constant auditory or just came from SERP and leave?
At first make textADs if you want to get some revenue