We're All Shiny and New

So I guess it goes without saying… as part of what we’ve dubbed Project #newsitepoint, we’ve reskinned the forums.

As with any big change, this will take some getting used to, but it’s fair to say that I’m pretty excited about our clean new look.

Design is subjective and there will be people that don’t like what we’ve done - that’s cool, I respect that. As always, I welcome your feedback but please make it constructive.

If you find bugs or CSS issues, please let me know in this thread.

The report post button has reverted from the orange flag icon to the vBulletin default icon

Noted :slight_smile:

It may just be my computer but when I click on the link for the list of unanswered threads (http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/search.php?do=process&type[]=1&contenttype=vBForum_Post&replyless=1&replylimit=0&exclude=0&nocache=0) I get a blank page (is also blank when doing view source on the resultant page)

You’re right. That was broken before and appears to still be. Adding to my list. :slight_smile:

I did not expect such a big change!

I personaly do not like the way the “What’s new?” and “forum actions” are so far up the page; I use those two buttons a lot.
The notifications my profile etc. are easier to reach and I never use them.

There seems a lot of wasted space around “The forums” in the header which moves everything else down the page. I thought it was just IE but it is the same in Firefox.

Took me a few seconds to realize that i was not in the wrong forum, the change is drastic. However, when you gets used to the new look, it is quite easy on the eyes.

Yes, if find that too. I sometimes found the bright colours of the previous design a little hard on the eyes. This design is much gentler, and it’s easier to focus on the important content. Certainly a few styling bugs to iron out, but I’m really liking the new look. :slight_smile:

Has someone forgotten to change the favicon?

That’s been an issue for a while, and there was some problem in the system that wasn’t letting it update.

Thanks for the feedback, guys.

Yes, we’ll be tightening it up over the next few days, but to get the forum relaunched alongside the SitePoint.com relaunch (technically before) has actually surprised us. I thought it might take an extra day or two.

Have you seen the new site yet? (It’s in the process of switching – will depend which CDN you get right now)

I’ve just seen it now, and it’s absolutely awesome! It really lifts SitePoint and the brand, IMHO. Well done, guys. As I said in a comment on the site, it makes it kind of feel like a cool place to be. (I didn’t think I’d ever say that about a design, as I tend to be indifferent to that sort of thing.)

That’s fantastic to hear, Ralph! It’s been getting close to launch in the last few weeks, but that last bit of polish takes a long time. Great to finally have it out there.

Thank you!

I’ll add that I love the way it’s so easy to find what you are looking for on the site, and there’s a nice use of space throughout. This is one of the best redesigns I’ve ever seen, I reckon. :slight_smile:

Back to CSS Bugs, Off Topic isn’t nearly as noticeable as it used to be (see below)

Off Topic:

This isn’t very obvious, it used to have a red border

I wonder what edit looks like?


Here we go… (seems to be just as bad…)

What about quotes?

Testing Testing, do you look any different from regular text? (Yes you do, but the text seems a bit small, any one else think that?)

I don’t mind it smaller personally, but I’m open to tweaking it.

I tend to see the function of quoting as almost a ‘citation of previous content’, as much as an accurate reproduction.

Might just be me.

Yeah, it may be the italics that is throwing me off (or the fact that it is still early morning for me and my eyes might not be fully adjusted yet). I’ll keep checking it throughout the day and may retract that one.

I agree that OT needs tweaking. I quite like the quote styling though. Let’s revisit it.

Oooh shiny :slight_smile:

I like the general feel! The architecture is better IMO!
But I find it a bit too grayish… May be trying to inject in SP Blue to replace the darker gray shades? …
And then … Orange buttons instead of the blue ones? :slight_smile:
On the website itself there’s a splash of color that breaks the monotony of grays! This is not the case here on the forums! For both I am not a big fan of having a gray logo?
Just saying! May be this is a temporary feel as I am missing the SP identity?!
Also the silverware icons should have a transparent background instead of white! :slight_smile: