Forum Upgrade and Changes

We have just upgraded our forums to the latest version of vBulletin and have added a couple of new features.
You’ll notice a ‘Connect With Facebook’ button near your login details (if you are logged in). Allowing the forums to connect to your Facebook account will mean that you can post and share links on your Facebook wall.

You’ll also notice that the forums have a new homepage. Those of you that remember the forums from vBulletin 3x days will recognise the Featured Threads homepage. Those of you that don’t - check it out. Forum staff will highlight threads or interest or importance and they will display as the default forum view.

Please post in this thread if you come across any bugs or issues.

Nice - looking very good, I love the new frontpage though I’ve never been a fan of connecting everything with ones social media etc. (old man’s rant)

Good job making the sitepoint forums even better :d

Thanks @behati, appreciated. Some people will love the Facebook thing and some will hate it. It’s easy enough to ignore if you’re in the second camp.

Meh. To be honest, I like the classic forum style better, but I’m sure I’ll warm to it eventually. All humans (I think) dislike change to begin with.

Few bugs:

If you visit a user profile (i.e. Link), and view the ‘recent visitors’ at the bottom, two commas separate each visitor.

It’s probably me just being behind the times, but when did @TechnoBear; become an advisor?

There’s no link to Array’s page from the forum birthdays.

On the main forum page, the dropdown list for the ‘quick style chooser’ doesn’t work (doesn’t display any options).

That’s all for now.

Edit: I actually kind of like this ‘highlighted threads’ thing (but maybe it’s just because one of my threads is highlighted :wink: )

Today. :slight_smile:

Love the homepage change, I noticed it when I came to the computer today. Makes it seem a bit more professional and “non-standard”, which is nice :).

Is it just me? I can’t click on the unanswered link at the top because a search box obstruct its place. This wasn’t like this yesterday.

Would you mind posting a screenshot and telling me what browser and resolution you’re on? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yay! Highlighted threads is back!

Congratulations on the upgrade y’all!

Are you using the site on a low resolution screen / with teh window shrunk? Can you try stretching to a bigger screen and seeing if it stops overlapping?

It’s overlapping for me at screen widths of less than 1250px in Firefox and chrome.

Adding some padding-right to floatcontainer should fix it but I offered that fix before and you said it caused other problems.



Hey I kinda dig it. :slight_smile: I don’t have to scroll as far on the main page to find what I’m looking for.

Yanno, I was thinking. Sitepoint should build their own web forum to compete with vB and IPB. The talent is here! Kevin Yank could do the php, rudy could do the database stuff, Paul O’B could do the CSS, and Hawk could beat up anyone who gave it a bad review. It’s GENIUS! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



This is the view I get…

…with [LIST]
[]FireFox 11.0
]Opera 11.61
[]Google Chrome 17
]IE 9.0

I’m running 1024 X 768px @ 96DPI. Page zoom @ 100%.

Hope this helps…

Great effort on the upgrade :tup:

Getting a slight line height problem with the bottom of some letters getting cut off eg: g p and y
Will screenshot it and postit

y u make post font even smaller?? my browser already at 125%

y u make quoted comments bigger? what up wif dat?

That’s essentially what I see though not as pronounced (the text starts at the ed of Unanswered) because my width is wider (1280 x 1024). Using IE8 and Chrome.

It’s also happening with emoticons. Not all, but some. Such as Rudys post