The All New Responsive SitePoint

We are incredibly proud (and exhausted) to announce the launch of the shiny new responsive

It is the culmination of months of work (as you would all know!) and we couldn’t be happier with it so far.

So check it out and tell us what you think.

Introducing: The All New SitePoint

It’s a really nice piece of work indeed. Very pleasant on the eyes, and nice to navigate around and find what you need. :slight_smile:

Beautiful job!

It’s nice, but the PHP bit seems a bit broken - quite often when you click on PHP at the top it just directs back to the home page, as does visiting directly

Odd, I don’t get that at all—even after quite a few tries. Works fine for me. Could it be a DNS thing?

Yes looks great. No problems with the PHP link for me.

And I’m glad to see all parts have returned to one site again.
Too bad the link to the forums is a small one in the footer. I almost never look at the footer of a site (I found it because I was searching for it) :wink:

I love the new design and organization - especially the way the articles are categorized so I can go straight to my areas of interest. But is there any chance the link to the forums could be made a bit more prominent? My two main reasons for visiting SitePoint are #1: Forums and #2: Articles and I had to do quite a bit of hunting around to find the Forums today.

Could be. I’ll try again from home later.

All seems fine from here, must be something at work with their proxy or dns then. I did notice that the logos in the top left (in the black bar) aren’t quite in the same place on the forum compared to the main site - not sure if they are supposed to be or not?

I did not like the design at all, the menu’s are too big. may be i don’t have a design sense like u all guys have.

The forums link will go up into the top nav bar (hopefully today). It was just down the bottom until we were happy that the forum upgrade was successful.

Yeah, I see that too. Possibly because vB templates are so hard to work with, but I’ll check in with Alex and see if there is anything he can do.

That’s cool - design is subjective. :slight_smile:

Looks good!

I like it, glad you’re putting a link up top for the forums, I had to find the link in the article about the redesign and almost went to google :slight_smile:

Not too impressed.

It reminds me of buying a pc with Windows 8 installed. I returned it the next day and got a Windows 7 machine.

Sometimes you can get TOO CUTE with a design and forget that USABILITY ALWAYS TRUMPS DESIGN.
That should always be the mantra for a place like sitepoint since it boasts that it is the ultimate place where folks can learn about all things tech/web.

When you guys decide to put back the link to the FORUM, make sure it is THE most prominent link in the whole site. Why? B/C it’s the forum that drives sitepoint. If you think otherwise, you’re deluding yourselves. Dump that tag line “Learn to create…” and replace it with a GIANT BLACK BAR ACROSS THE WHOLE SCREEN THAT SCREAMS “FORUM”

Here’s an example of this new silly TOO CUTE trend (like windows 8 tried and bombed) to try to make design trump usability, instead of the other way around:

Compare Rothko’s so-called “art” (which is what this new design reminds me of) to REAL ART from Vermeer’s the Lacemaker:

Rothko: (A TOTAL JOKE!)


Everyone repeat after me boys and girls: “USABILITY ALWAYS TRUMPS DESIGN”

Think of it this way, how far would an army Tank designed by Lamborghini get you in a battle? Precisely why tanks are tanks and Lamborghinis are what they are…

Did you read the rest of the thread? :wink: The forums link is in a temporary place and is moving up into the main nav bar soon. :slight_smile:

Having said that, the forums only account for about a third of our traffic, so it’s not fair to say that they drive us.

I should end by thanking you for your feedback though - it is appreciated.

I agree, but I’m not sure what’s not usable about the new design. I find it very usable (the layout is clear, and content easy to find), and also nice on the eye. I agree that the forum link should be at the top, but Sara’s already said that it will be there soon. Still, it’s pretty common for links to be at the bottom of a page, so anyone who can’t find their way to the forums from deserves a Darwin award.

One suggestion: could you consider moving the link to the forum to the top of the page again? It’s actually quite hard to find the link. I had to properly search for it the first time, and if I didn’t already know the forums were here, I wouldn’t have found them at all.

Ah, I totally didn’t read the rest of this thread… I do agree with the comments about the link though. It’s hard to find the forums right now.

Okay, so you’ve got my curiosity, what about the new design is unusable to you? I’ve been able to easily browse it from my computer using just the keyboard, my phone, and several tablets. I’d really like you to expand on the usability statement.

New design is clean and simple, I like it.

But what I don’t like is the way how articles are looking on tablets (at least on iPad). Because of the ads on the right side, in portrait orientation, article text is so narrow.