Welcome back to FireFox?

Have been using my new MacBook Pro over the weekend - finally!! - and my experience with FireFox keeps getting more and more weird?!

In another thread, I have been having FireFox v25 Cookie Issues, and now this morning I got the following message in the bottom of my browser…

It looks like you haven’t started FireFox in a while. DO you want to clean it up for a fresh, like-new experience? And by the way, welcome back! << Reset FireFox… >>

(Here is a screen-shot… )

What is going on?! :-/

Umm, I was just using FireFox last night about 8 hours ago…

Do I have a virus?

What is going on with my poor browser lately?! :frowning:



Seems likely https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/976687

Can you move this to the Security Forum?

Hi as per my knowledge its semz not virus , its error from Firefox , i think need security Update from Mozilla Firefox , i am in Asia and i also face this issue 2 time in a week , i think its batter to pullup Mozilla Firefox Security and Dev team to check and fix this issue