Firefox 3.6 Not Forgetting Logins

[FONT=“Georgia”]Do me a quick favour.

If you’re on Firefox 3.6, log out of Sitepoint then reopen any forum page and tell me if I’m the only one who can’t log out.

For some annoying reason it appears that Firefox is storing the session variable regardless of the webpage telling the browser to ditch it (I guess).

Does anyone know a way to fix this?


It logged me out.

“Remember me” cookie?

Logged me out. I got this after clicking on log out.

All cookies cleared!

* Return to the page you were previously viewing
* Go to forums index

Then when I go back to this thread I’m still logged out. So I log in to post my reply.

[FONT=“Georgia”]I had to use Web Developer Extension to manually delete the cookies so I could log out.

It’s the strangest thing.


Clear the path session and domain cookies and also make sure you didn’t ask the forum to remember you, via the “Remember Me” check-box, etc. I’ve never had that happen before but sometimes I’ve managed to load and navigate cached pages that made it appear I was logged in but wasn’t when my connection occasionally cuts-out.

EDIT: I see you have done what I suggested - you must have read my mind.

Off Topic:

I sometimes have a similar issue with logging-out of Gmail and that is how I fix it by flushing the cookies.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Yeah, I’m feeling like that guy with the singing frog now.

I was going to screencast it for you to see, but it’s suddenly decided to work as it should.

Ore well. At least it’s working now.


I’ve had stranger oddities with this particular site.

SitePoint runs Nginx servers / load balancers for its static content.

Nginx will error out if you send it an HTTP request with header above a certain size, as a defense mechanism against attack probably. SitePoint left this size at the default.

If you browse these forums actively enough, visit enough threads in a day, your cookies that maintain the list of viewed threads grow to be pretty big. And cookies are sent as part of HTTP headers with every request.

So I kept running into a bug where I’d randomly see all the images on the site break and nobody else would, and it wasn’t reproducible in other browsers on my own computer. Took a while to figure out it was the cookies.


I’ve never had any problem with the logout, I guess because I never check the “remember me”. But I have had problems with images before after having been at the forum for a while. I thought it was my browser cr@pping out for some unknown reason. Now that I know the cause, it’s a relief. :tup:

I had that a few months ago. I even made a thread about it on forum support here.

Noone else saw it, and it corrected itself. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who has seen this.

this happens to me but if I manual log it out then it logs out.
so for best practice do not forget to log out from an site you’ve visited. :cool:

[FONT=“Georgia”]ha HA!

I got the beast on tape![/FONT]


Any change with the 3.6.2 update?

On the last part where you cleared your cookies, you got logged out. What happened next when you go back to forum?

[FONT=“Georgia”]Well, right now it’s logging in and logging out as it should.

But yesterday (when I recorded that screencast) it wasn’t.

And a couple days ago, when I made this thread, it wasn’t.

So I’m wondering if it’s somehow related to Firefox updates, because yesterday morning I installed 3.6.2. And when this all began was soon after installing 3.6.

It’s very, very strange.


the same happened with me. But when i cleared cookies, it was solved!! try it out///