A huge problem on my server

My sites are all using one dedicated server.

one of the sites fx www.pakstop.com is being blocked by firefox.

Check: http://safebrowsing.clients.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?client=Firefox&hl=da&site=http://pakstop.com/

Now I just called up my network admin, and he will be looking into it.

Even if I ignore that red warning msg I cannot enter the site now, server is compromised I think.

Is there anything I should do now? My network admin is going to look, but my question is once he has fixed it, how will I get rid of that google block msg? Do I send the site for reviewing, and if Yes how long will it take?

All my 9 sites hosted on my dedicated server are screwed as the server httpd is not geting on.


You’ve been HACKED! Change your password, DELETE ALL FILES and upload from your master files AFTER checking for possible exploits there. AFTER you’ve recovered, send a message to Google and ask them to revisit your site(s) to confirm that you’re “clean” so they’ll reinstate you.

Note: It may NOT be your password that was compromised, it may be your host. A good admin, however, will do the same password updates, etc, to ensure a “clean” operation.



Yep, you’ve been hacked. Follow the procedures dklynn listed and be willing to switch hosts if you see further problems.