Firefox v25 Cookie Issue

I finally set up my new MacBook Pro, and since it has been sitting around idle for months, I needed to update FireFox to version 25.

Not sure if I don’t have the same settings as on my old MacBook, or if this is a version issue, but whenever I use FireFox, I keep getting prompts asking me to approve cookies (e.g. Google, SitePoint, etc.)

In the past, I chose “Reject 3rd-Party Cookies” and “Ask Me To Approve Cookies” (or whatever).

What I want is this…

  • I never want to accept 3rd-Party Cookies
  • Every time a website wants to set new Cookies, I want to be prompted to decide
  • For sites where I accepted the cookies, I want them to stay active so I don’t have to keep signing in and/or accepting Cookies?!

Not sure what I did, but things are broken… :frowning: