Weird Photoshop Eraser Problem. Help?

I am having some issues with my eraser tool in photoshop. I have used photoshop for several years and have never had a problem but I just cannot seem to find a solution to this…

When I use my eraser to erase whatever I am erasing. Its not smooth and almost looks like I have used the burn too. This is somewhat hard to explain so hopefully someone will get what I am trying to say. Anyway, I am on a Macbook Pro Intel Core Duo Laptop with 2 gigs of ram. SO I have no idea what the deal is.

It just is not smooth and it just started doing this. Anyone have any idea what the problem is?

Please help! :sick:

Check your brush modes once its nothing to do with your PC i feel you need to change the modes of your brushes that’s it.

This is what I am talking about:

i still dont get it…how’s that happen?i don’t think it happen because of your computer performance…

I’ve seen something like that before in Photoshop - which I have at home, and I’m at work now. Start checking all your settings - what mode you’re working in (RGB, grayscale, etc.), which eraser tool are you using, which brush, also check your brush settings. Are you erasing with the mouse or a pen/tablet? Those settings can change things too.

Hopefully you can find the problem, or someone else can come along with a definitive answer. :slight_smile:

Hi Eileen,

I havent changed anything on purpose and its the same brush I have always used for erasing. I am erasing with a mouse too and always work in RGB. Just dont know what the deal is. :-/

At a risk of sounding patronising, is it anything to do with the opacity or flow of the eraser tool?

Check the brush settings such as the shape dynamics - hardness, airbrush, smoothing etc…

Ive done all of that and still nothing. I would so pay someone at this point to help me. I just bought cs3 to see if that would correct it. Nothing. Im so desperate to get this fixed its pissing me off so much!

contacted adobe and I am really positive that they do not know what problem is either.