Photoshop brush stroke

Hey guys i need some help regarding this photoshop brush stroke . I have searched for tutorials all over the net but i cant seem to figure it out .

Currently my brush stroke is like this

I want it to be like this .

I already went to Brush - Shape dynamics - control - pen pressure but i still cant make the edge pointed like in the 2nd pic.

I want a normal basic brush stroke but with pointed edges .

you would want to go to brush presets if the window is not open you can get it from window>brush presets and some strokes

but if youre using only a mouse i dont think it will make a difference if youre using a good tablet i think you can see the difference

Even if you were using a tablet, good or otherwise, it is not that “easy”.

The way a photoshop brush work is based a “base image”. You can alter sertain aspects of how that image is “painted on” the canvas via the brush attributes pannel.

For example, if you started with a round brush ( a circle), you can elongate it by using axis /and angle until you get a roughly eliptical shape. Even if you matched the sample shape you presented, as you move your mouse ( or pen, on a tablet) that shape would be repeated over and over matching your movement ( thus it will no longer look like that shape but an extrusion of your brush shape). After all how could PS possibly know where you intend to taper the line?

If you use a tablet, you can achieve this effect ( and you’d not need to mess with brush dynamics) , but it takes a fine hand to get the modulation right and it cant be done “automatically” by PS.

If the ends of a brush stroke are thick, you won’t get them any thinner in a clean way, no matter the tool. When you use a tablet and pen, you have a lot more control than you have with a mouse, but in order to get what you want, I’d do a search on calligraphic brushes for Photoshop. Illustrator has these by default.

If the ends of a brush stroke are thick, you won’t get them any thinner in a clean way, no matter the tool.

Unless you use a table, and brush width set to pressure sensitive. This will get the ends to thin out, but it takes a SKILLED hand ( and lots of experience with that tablet) to be able to CONTROL the modulation of the line weight.

What I was trying to get at at my earlier post is that you may be better off, if the path is of a known length, drawing the stoke ( or at least the stoke ends, with the pen tool. It’s art, after all. If you can’t do it… fake it.

Agreed 100%, dresden. What I meant to imply is that it’s very hard to get a clean thin stroke out of a brush that isn’t designed for it. I think a calligraphic brush would be less cumbersome, like the ones that are shipped by default with Illustrator. I don’t know why they’re not part of the package for PS.

But PS works MUCH DIFFERENT than AI, that was my original response. While an AI brush takes an image an stretches to the length of your path , PS just “clones” the brush over and over … so you tapered end would end up filling over each other. It really best to abandon the thinking of raster brushes as if they were vector brushes.

I didn’t say anywhere that Photoshop had true vectors, I simply suggested that the OP could look for calligraphic brushes for Photoshop.