Problem with Paint Bucket Tool in Photoshop

If i’m on a new layer and i make a selection in photoshop, and if I try to fill in the selection in with black with the paint brush or paint bucket tool it ends up not fully 100% putting the full black inside the selection, and leaves blurry lines on the outside of the selection…

What am I doing wrong? i did a google search and this forum search and found nothing.

when you select set feather to 0px it is in the top bar under file edit… and it will show once you select the marquee tool :slight_smile:

Paint Bucket “fills” only the one color pixels (or with the tolerance raised - the range around this color). So all the other pixels are left unchanged - this results in jagged and unpleasant edges of the filled region.

he said a new layer Arthur! so I assume it is empty and that he’s not filling a selection of colored pixels! :rolleyes: at least that’s what I understood from him!
could you post a pic jhigday to show us what is it exactly?

Uh, right. So it really seams like the issue with feathered selection.

Yeah :slight_smile: did you try to set feather to 0px jhigday?
if that did not work a screenshot would be helpful :slight_smile:

This may be a “backward” way of doing it, but sometimes you’ve gotta think outside the box.

Make your selection, then save it.
Deselect the selection, so you are on a new blank layer.
Fill the layer with the color you want.
Load your selection.
Then inverse it.
Then hit delete.
Should give you a nice clean edge.