Weekend Activities

What do you usually do on your weekend? Do you sit in front of your computer checking the stats from time to time or just totally leave this world behind till weekdays?

Most of the time, I’ll spend my weekend with my family members. I’ll have outing, visit my relatives and friends. My eyes need relax. I can see my eye bag is getting bigger and dark circle is getting darker.

How about you?

It’s summer time, that means swimming pool, beach, that kind of stuff :wink:
I do check my mail (before going to the beach, or after returning from the pool), but that’s it.

I usually go out for shopping and hiking. If there is a lot of housework to do, I will stay indoors to watch DVDs and give more time on reading books.

I use the time for weekend with my family.

I live! I feel the life in every breath and every heartbeat, and i do what i love to do - this is of course not limited to just weekends :rolleyes:

I often work on the weekends, though not as much as on the weekdays. I definitely like to relax a bit with friends and family when I can.

Swimming pools, beach, movies, clubbing, malls, traveling, games.

On the weekends I usually spend time with my friends. Catch up on stuff I was too tired to do during the week. At night I’ll hit up some bars or drink at my house with friends. Love me some wine!! hehe

I spend my weekend with my family and friends. Mostly i wanna going to market for shopping …

Meet my friends, shoot some pools or just hang out home and play some games or maybe at time I would just sleep the time away:lol:

i go to gym twice and watch a movie every weekend

In weekends i just love sleeping.

Meet friends, play some games, and enjoy my trampoline

On weekend, Mostly i go to PVR for watch newly released movie …

I either go out with friends, have a beer or something or travel somewhere(within my country boundaries)

Hang out with friends, see a film, go to gym or just stay at home watch TV. In the end of this month I’ll go camping with friends to the beach.

i spend my weekends with my family.

on weekend,i would sleep ,go outing and shopping with friends.
plus,have dinner with my family members.

I spend my weekend with my friends.