I entered my blog’s name in Google just for fun and came across and it gave me an estimated worth. I was wondering, is their data/estimations reliable?


I have a website and WebsiteOutlook told me I’m making $5 daily with ads and I made only $1 in last few months,so… :frowning:

use these estimated sites for your own good. buyers look at your earning reports and traffic stats from google analytics

I don’t think the estimation are real, but its good to see how our website is doing day by day, it feels good to see my website value moving in up direction. :smiley:

I doubt that their estimation is worth anything as they don’t factor in such variables as how much profit your site makes and how much work you have to put in to make that profit.

Here’s the best valuation tool I know of.

No automatic valuation tool is 100% correct. But ones that use just your domain name and nothing else are merely games, they can never be serious valuation tools. Here’s why: The value of your site depends on many things. For example:

  • earnings
  • expenses paid out of those earnings
  • amount of time and expertise the site needs from the owner
  • how long the site has been stable and profitable

There’s no way could know any of the above from just your domain name. If you have to use a valuation tool, I agree with hooperman as ebizvaluation is the only one that takes multiple inputs from you and compares that against sites that have sold in Sitepoint to arrive at a valuation. I believe it’s the only one that’ll tell you if a site is worth $0. That’s an unusual level of honesty for valuation sites :wink:

Sorry, no.