Website marketing

hi all i have a online part time jobs site which is
and i want to promote this to all over the world and i have not idea how to promote my site to help all peoples those who are looking some extra income.
i am requesting to all of you to share about internet marketing so share how can i promote my web

Before we offer up some suggestions lets find out more about your site…

How do you make money off it? If you dont, whats the goal?

Have you tried any marketing tactics paid or free? What worked? What didnt?

Do you have a budget to invest or need to do this all for free or with profits as you grow?

I agree with Ted.

We need to know the product or services that you will be offering. Internet marketing is not that easy. You need to learn SEO and its different techniques.

Learn some off-site SEO tactics and promote your site by implementing some of those techniques.This will help you to get some valuable organic traffic.

first you need to identify your niche and your target market. from there it will be easier for you to apply the techniques, though like what honeyprime said, Internet mktg is not as easy as 1-2-3. it can be too complex sometimes.

For a starter, it’s really very hard to promote a new website, and at the same time generate sales for it. Internet is a big world, with obviously big competition, we can’t just ask anyone to promote it in a day and expect a sale the next day. It needs continuous SEO. So in your case, learn what your target is and start from it :slight_smile:

The quickest way o get visitors is advertising, if you don’t have the money, post to article directories, and website directories.

Also Social tools like twitter and digg can help