Importent tips of promot website

Dear sir

      what i do for promoting my website. tell me some important step in this case.

I think you should invest your some time for checking different threads in Marketing/SEO section in this forum

sir i like u r suggestion and i wanna some extra option to promoting my website

I checked all threads but nowhere i found Marketing/SEO thread pls tell where it is

There are loads of threads on this forum. You need to look patiently and take your time.

There is a sticky thread right on top of this board, morons. :rolleyes:

Try digital marketing, aka social networking sites. Create a Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook account for your service! Add people who seem like they would like your service. Do research.

there are lots of threads regarding this question . i have learn much from these,but it is hard to do all according to these steps individually

I think you ought to look into some basic SEO and move on from there, do you have a budget to work with? Consider what type of site you are running and the market you are going after.

Invest your time reading and participating in forums and blogs especially on how to promote site, SEO, link building etc. Use the search engines and you will see bunch of tips for marketing and promotions using web.

Well, the replies in this thread, although some are repetitive, are true… learning about SEO and effectively using it as a tool in promotion requires time and effort. if you don’t have it, you can always hire some company or some guy to do the worrying for you, all you have to worry about is to either count your earnings or scold the one that you hired…lol

Consider the all aspects of marketing; from prints, tv, radio and using the internet.

make your content more SEO, use advertisement servise and i think most important for new web/blog is blogwalking to another blog. Leave a comment in posts or in shoutbox specially in most wantes blog… LOL…

make your blog more SEO friendly. advertise service and blogwalking to another blog and dont forget to leave a comment. exchange link i usefull too

add to bookmarks

Well you could try with directory submissions, bookmarks, forums, blogs, RSS feeds, networking sites… Before doing optimize you page with relevant keywords, get all these under one place - Buildmylink - Best SEO service you could give it yourself. My advise is not to go for reciprocal links unless otherwise if the site is trustful. Coz, it may sometimes drive spam content.