Website Home Page Design

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing well. I’m seeking assistance with redesigning the homepage of my website and implementing geolocation features. My website is built using PHP CodeIgniter within the CI framework. Can someone please lend a hand or provide guidance? Your help would be greatly appreciated…

What kind of features do you want exactly? If you want to get the current location of visitors you’ll need to use Javascript, not PHP.


I would like to update the frontend design of my website. Additionally, I’m interested in incorporating a search feature that allows users to select their preferred city location and search type. :slight_smile:

You can visit this link ( ) to see the frontend design, and i like to retain the same layout and screens displayed on this website. The only change i want to make is replacing the videos that appear on the screen, and the modification ability to change the videos displayed on the screens as needed.

Best Regards: ( Zameen Locator )

OK, what have you done so far? My thought would be that you’d need to sit down and write yourself a proper detailed specification, then break it down into steps and code them one at a time. How much coding experience do you have, and how much of the coding will you be doing yourself? Writing a search feature, for example, can be more involved than you might first think.


Thank you for your guidance. I understand your point Bro, and I’m willing to leave the search option. My primary objective is to update the frontend design of the website. and am sorry i don’t have any coding experience, But i appreciate your assistance in this matter, :slight_smile: