Novice project - Creating Script that finds location

I’m trying to venture into a place I have never ventured before.
I am working on a practice website. I want to include a list that holds location.

The user can select a location and then see the description, map and driving directions.

Another way is for the user to type in their Zip Code into a field and click go.
Then a list of location in the area appears on another page. Personally I like it this way but I would love to learn both ways.

I need some help to pulled this off.

I could buy a script and get this going but I want to learn PHP and I love to learn by projects.

Where and how do I start?

Thanks everyone!


See the Google’s Code Playground which provides examples of how to create code to do things such as [url=“”]directions

Also, here is the Google Maps Forum which can provide specialist assistance with coding for Google Maps.

plus have a look at flex as well ,offcourse in conjunction with google maps…