Strange Request HTML5 geolocation?

I’m a web designer and developer and just got a phone call from a guy that had a puzzling request.
He wanted to know if I could make a one page website basically a contact page with just maybe a name and a comment area
that a person could fill out from their mobile phone and would send the message plus their location or co-ordinance to his phone if they were within 10 miles or so of his location, a Google map type thing I think.

Does anybody have an idea how or if this could be done and the best way to do? maybe point me to a good tutorial or website?
could you do this with HTML 5 geolocation?
If so could you point me to a good tutorial or website?
I know some JavaScript and jQuery.

Possible yes. A pain in the @ss and probably not as simple as you or the client might think – yes. Remember though “HTML” geolocation targeting is not allowed unless the user accepts it.

yeah I didn’t think it would be simple, if it was simple I wouldn’t want to learn how to do it.

If the site owner is OK with the user being aware that their location is being asked it is very easy – just call the javascript geolocation API that is pretty ubiquitously supported in mobile browsers and call it a day.

If he is trying to be sly then it gets a bit trickier as they tend not to want to share location without user permission.

Please note that this app would not be accepted into the App Store on iTunes. You would need to make this as a web app if you want it on all devices.