Website for a museum!

Hi everyone, I have to build a site for a little museum and I would like to know if anyone has some tips in how can I approach the project. I have been looking around there on the net for some good examples but I haven’t found one that can “WOW” me visually or structurally. Can anybody give me some insight? Please? .

Regards and thanks in advance.

I think some sort of interactive online experience would work really well, showcasing the exhibits with images and a history of the stuff so people could perhaps map out the items they want to see and could print off a map highlighting what they were interested in. Think how people browse around a museum or art gallery, have a website that matches the experience of “moving around” from room to room examining what’s inside. :slight_smile:

I assume the purpose of the site is to get people away from the computer and into the museum? Which means everything about the site needs to fulfill that objective in some way, whether that’s clear access information or a big picture of awed people standing in front of an exhibit.

One thing that is frequently missing from museum websites is a guide to how long you might need to spend there. I have turned up to a museum expecting to spend the best part of an afternoon there, only to be round and out in half an hour. Similarly I’ve spent 4 hours in a museum I’d only allowed an hour for. Time guides can really help people plan their day, especially tourists who’ve come from out of town.

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Your first step should be to sort out what content you need to offer the sites visitors, probably things like location/how to get there, history of the museum, what the museum does, maybe a gallery it items to look at online… etc.