Questions about why using a mobile app during a visit on Museum or historical Place

'm a student doing a project concept work about designing an application to use on a historical place. I was researching about what type of questions i would do it to potential users about using an application during a visit. If u could help me on this, i wanna know what kind of experience do u have on using applications during visits in general and i want to know if u like it or not and why.

Thanks in Advance. :slight_smile:

The one app I’ve wanted to have when I visit someplace historical is an accurate map. But considering most places can’t even get a good (or at least spacially accurate) paper map, that’s not likely.

A lot depends on the type of historical place you’re talking about. If you’re talking about a museum, then I’d probably just like a QR code type of system which would allow me to get more information if I wanted to.

But if it’s a large site (like a battlefield, a large property or even a really full museum), then I’d like to see an interactive map with a suggested route. Far too often we find ourselves trying to figure out the best way to see a site, and we either miss information or find that we see stuff out of order and don’t get the best experience possible. So if there was an app which allowed you to either scan where you are or track you via gps then suggest the best route (or give options if you’ve got varied interests), that would be cool.

Just my opinions though…


The historical place that I’m working with are places that have roman mosaics and ruins from ancient roman population, basically the place its similar what u talk about in the third paragraph from your answer.

What I’m trying to reach with this question is to understand how people think about a mobile app that can bring more than just support the visit but to be something that increase the experience. In this first get in touch with people, I want to start with this simple questions and then start concept the idea for this app.

Thank you for the reply, i appreciate a lot!

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