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Hi before you review…this is still under construction but here’s the brief:
This is NOT an online shop aimed at the public. Website is aimed for someone who has built student accommodation and now needs to furnish it with durable beds. The client is not there to buy pretty furniture but practical furniture. So they will buy for a dormitory, hostel or backpackers place. My client doesn’t want pictures of people drinking coffee in their beds with fluffy duvet - it should be more “industrial”.
Other clients are shop owners who supply beds to the public and they are looking for stock. Be gentle with me please :slight_smile: Thanks

I just took a very quick look around. I like the coloration. It seems to respond well as far as I could quickly tell. I like the fact that it’s quite visual.

The only clear problem I saw was the copyright line in the footer, you have a typo in there that’s making it display on the page like this:

Oonies Website & Graphic Design', date("Y")); ?>

I might give it a more detailed look later… but looks good?

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